Engagement Ring Trends for 2024

February 15th, 2024

four engagement rings in a line by Tacori, all with different center stone cuts

As we step into 2024, the landscape of engagement ring trends is experiencing a fascinating shift and we at BENARI JEWELERS are here to help you navigate it. The most sought-after rings this year are those that boldly veer from traditional designs, embracing unique, avant-garde aesthetics. At BENARI, we pride ourselves on curating an extraordinary inventory that mirrors this trend. Our collection features a myriad of rings from renowned designers, each piece displaying innovative artistry. These rings are a reflection of individuality and contemporary taste. With our extensive selection, couples are sure to find a ring that not only signifies their love but also aligns with the latest trends in engagement ring design.

a white gold halo ring by Henri Daussi featuring a yellow center stone

Colorful Center Stones

One of the boldest trends this year is the rise of colorful center stones. These vibrant gems are increasingly popular among couples looking to infuse their love story with a distinctive and personal touch. Colorful center stones are more than just visually charming; they represent a break from traditional norms, appealing to those who cherish uniqueness and artistic expression. Leading this trend are durable and vivid stones such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, perfect for daily wear. An exemplar of this style is this Henri Daussi Fancy Colors engagement ring, which beautifully showcases a radiant yellow diamond centerpiece, ideal for those aiming to make a bold yet refined statement with their engagement ring.

a rose gold engagement ring by TACORI featuring red side stones

Colorful Accent Stones

The allure of colorful gems also extends to accent stones this year. These vibrant stones add a delightful pop of color to the rest of the band, infusing traditional ring designs with modern flair and personality. For those who prefer a clear diamond center stone, colorful side stones offer a striking contrast, enhancing the ring's overall aesthetic with a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements. Alternatively, pairing colorful side stones with a similarly vibrant center stone creates an extravagantly bold statement. This sublime and regal TACORI RoyalT engagement ring is a flawless illustration of this trend, where rich red side stones contrast the centerpiece and are complemented by the warm rose gold setting, exuding elegance and a unique charm.

a rose gold, three stone ring by Sylvie featuring three pear shape diamonds

Unique Diamond Cuts

In 2024, unusual diamond cuts are increasingly sought-after for their distinctive charm, ideal for those desiring a unique engagement ring. Marquise, pear shape, emerald, and Asscher cuts are among the trendsetters, gaining popularity for their unique geometries and captivating allure. These cuts stand out for their ability to add a glimmer of sophistication and individuality to any engagement ring design. This Sylvie three stone ring serves as a prime example of this trend. It features both pear shape accent stones and a striking pear shape center stone, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and uniqueness. This trend is suited to those wanting to make a personal statement through their choice of an engagement ring.

a rose gold engagement ring by Fana featuring a large oval cut center stone

Maximalist Styles

The engagement ring scene is also witnessing a surge in maximalism, a trend characterized by its lavish and assertive approach. This style appeals to those who adore standing out and expressing themselves through grandeur. Maximalist rings feature things like elaborate silhouettes, vibrant bold colors, large center stones, and multiple rows of accent stones, making a statement of luxury and opulence. An exemplary piece of this trend is this extraordinary Fana halo ring in warm rose gold, which embodies maximalist ideals with its large oval cut center stone and generous use of sparkling stones. It's a phenomenal choice for individuals who want their engagement ring to be not just a symbol of love, but a piece of art that commands attention.

a silver Toi et Moi ring by Maevona featuring a split shank

Toi et Moi

French for "You and Me", the “Toi et Moi” engagement ring trend, beautifully embodied by this Maevona Tiree ring, is capturing hearts with its symbolic design. This style features two stones set side by side, representing the union of two individuals. Unlike traditional single-stone rings, the Toi et Moi design allows for a blend of different gemstones, cuts, and colors, offering a unique and highly personal tinge. This trend is excellent for couples seeking a ring that symbolizes their coming together while allowing for creative expression. The juxtaposition of the stones creates a striking and romantic look, making it an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings.

a white gold engagement ring by A.JAFFE featuring a wide, diamond studded band

Chunky Bands

The trend of chunky bands in engagement rings is making a daring statement in 2024, appealing to those who favor a robust and contemporary aesthetic. This style deviates from the traditional thin bands, offering a more substantial and modern look. Chunky bands provide a distinct canvas for complex details and allow for a stronger presence on the finger, making them ideal for individuals who appreciate standout jewelry pieces. This A. JAFFE Metropolitan ring is a quintessential example, showcasing a thick band that exudes strength and modernity, and is positively dripping in accent diamonds, making it perfectly suited for those seeking an engagement ring that combines contemporary design with a noticeable impact.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Their ethical and sustainable appeal lends lab-grown diamonds to be a significant trend this year. As awareness and concern for ethical sourcing and environmental impact grow, more couples are turning to lab-grown diamonds as a responsible choice. These diamonds offer the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds but come with the assurance of a lower environmental footprint and conflict-free origins. Their increasing popularity is also bolstered by their affordability, allowing couples to opt for larger or higher quality stones within their budget. This shift reflects a growing preference for mindful luxury in jewelry, combining elegance with ethical responsibility.

a white gold engagement ring by Barkev featuring a curved band and round cut center stone

Curvy Bands

Another engagement trend to keep an eye out for this year is curvy bands, as seen in creations like this Barkev's Swirl engagement ring. These designs offer an unexpected silhouette, breaking away from the conventional straight lines typically seen in ring bands. The fluid, swirling shapes of these bands are ideal for those who seek uniqueness and have a penchant for designs that stand out. The curvy bands create a dynamic and artistic impression, making the ring not just a symbol of commitment but also a reflection of personal style. This trend caters to individuals who desire their engagement ring to be as unique and unconventional as their own love story.

two engagement rings by Maevona featuring east to west oriented emerald cut diamonds

East West Orientation

The modern East-West orientation in engagement rings, as exemplified by this Maevona Cava emerald ring, is similarly redefining traditional ring designs. This trend involves setting elongated cuts like emerald, oval, pear, and marquise horizontally, rather than the conventional vertical alignment. This horizontal orientation offers an entirely fresh silhouette, lending a contemporary and unique look to the ring. It's particularly appealing for those who appreciate a modern twist on classic styles. This orientation not only adds a distinct visual appeal but also allows for a broader canvas on the finger, making it a stylish choice for those seeking to make a subtle yet impactful statement with their engagement ring.

a TACORI engagement ring and wedding band depicted on a beach

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