Engagement Rings

Woman wearing diamond engagement ring
Characteristics of Engagement Rings

At BENARI JEWELERS, we understand that engagement rings are symbols of love, with a rich history dating back to Ancient Egypt. Often adorned with precious stones, particularly diamonds, they reflect a promise of commitment and a future together. Engagement rings typically feature intricate designs and high-quality craftsmanship. We, at BENARI JEWELERS, are proud to present a meticulously curated collection of designer engagement rings. Our selection boasts exceptional quality and style, each piece uniquely crafted, embodying an artful blend of tradition and innovation to help you celebrate your special moment and never-ending love in a most extraordinary way.

engagement rings from left to right: Simon G., A.JAFFE, and TACORI
Popular Engagement Ring Jewelry Designers

Discover the enchantment of our designer collections at BENARI JEWELERS. From TACORI capturing the spirit of California's timeless beauty to A.JAFFE's embodiment of sophistication and heritage, each piece tells a story of love. Further, our Simon G. selection emphasizes a fusion of vintage and modern influences, crafting designs that sparkle with originality and brilliance. Each designer brings a distinct perspective to their craft, creating engagement rings that are not just jewelry, but symbols of love and commitment that are as unique as the love story they represent.

engagement rings from left to right: ArtCarved, Fana, and Sylvie
Additional Popular Engagement Ring Designers

ArtCarved, Sylvie, and Fana are also celebrated designers that each offer an exclusive charm at BENARI JEWELERS. Each brand shows off their distinct styles, ensuring every bride-to-be can find her dream ring. ArtCarved brings over a century of expertise, crafting engagement rings with exceptional detail and timeless elegance. In contrast, Sylvie offers elegant, handcrafted rings, each fitted with 100% conflict-free diamonds. Lastly, Fana blends classic aesthetics with modern style, producing rings that radiate with a timeless allure. These distinct designers deliver an array of unique engagement rings, showcasing BENARI JEWELERS' commitment to diversity and exceptional craftsmanship in our offerings.

Engagement ring with wedding band right after the ceremony with the groom.
Shop Engagement Rings at BENARI JEWELERS

For top-tier quality engagement rings, look no further than our pristine showrooms here at BENARI JEWELERS. Visit our local Exton and Newton Square, Pennsylvania jewelry stores to explore our remarkable range of designer collections. We invite you to request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members, who will guide you through the process of selecting a ring that truly resonates with your love story. Experience the beauty, quality, and unique selection that BENARI JEWELERS offers as we help you celebrate your unforgettable moment of commitment.