Marco Bicego Women's Jewelry
Marco Bicego Women's Jewelry
Marco Bicego Women's Jewelry

Marco Bicego Jewelry



Characteristics of Marco Bicego Jewelry

Based in Venice, Marco Bicego inherited a two-thousand-year-old wellspring of jewelry elegance that wound back through the Middle Ages and into Rome. Today, however, Marco Bicego is beloved not simply because he focuses exclusively on ancient traditions. On the contrary, when you browse the Marco Bicego collections at BENARI JEWELERS, you’ll quickly notice that the designer takes their inspiration from modern looks and the elegance of global aesthetics. From the Maasai people to the most refined elegance of India, the collections blend the best of the world’s beauty. Whether you’re searching for fashion ringsbraceletsnecklaces, or earrings, Marco Bicego’s gold jewelry has something for everyone!

Popular Collections from Marco Bicego at BENARI JEWELERS

The marvelous collections from Marco Bicego come with their own elements that are found in each jewelry style offered. For example, when you visit BENARI JEWELERS, you can browse the Petali collection, which offers rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings all made with delicate flower petals that have satin finishing on the 18k gold string of daisies. The occasional flash of diamond or emeralds adds luminous organic beauty to these pieces. Also, if color is something you adore, turn to the Africa Color collection. The handcrafted beauty of this line comes through in the dainty gold wires that tie together gemstones whose colors range from red to violet.

The Masai collection was inspired by the fiber and beadwork jewelry of the Maasai people of East Africa. The collection is characterized by the coiled gold thread that’s tightly wound around the central core. This remarkable practice creates a look and texture like fiber, and the asymmetric stacks in Masai jewelry give the pieces an ancient feeling. Of course, you can’t overlook the Lunaria collection either. The brushed white gold and diamonds of these pieces sit alongside long planes of mother of pearl, making them resemble a full moon seen through frosty tree branches.


For over 50 years, BENARI JEWELERS has been synonymous with jewelry excellence for the people of the Delaware Valley. Remarkable collections of bridal and fashion jewelry fill our showcases, and every year, we strive to discover new trends, new designers, and new looks that will impress our longtime clients. Marco Bicego and their Italian elegance represent a pillar of our fashion jewelry offerings, and we’re always excited to show off their collections to those who come to visit our showrooms. Today’s a good day to browse Marco Bicego collections, and when you’re ready, give BENARI JEWELERS a call today at 610-363-8450 for our Exton, Pennsylvania showroom; or 610-355-1800 for our Newtown Square, Pennsylvania showroom!