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Marco Bicego
Marco Bicego
Marco Bicego

Marco Bicego



About Marco Bicego

Since the brand's founding in 1958, every single piece of jewelry from Marco Bicego’s studio has been crafted and produced in-house in Italy -- even down to the creation of the gold. This fine Venetian-inspired jewelry is unrivaled, boasting the use of authentic Italian "bulino" hand engravings that confer a delicate brushed appearance to the gold. The designer also employs his signature hand twisted coil, inextricably bound with the finest 18 carat gold thread, which is then transformed through shaping and finishing into a timeless accessory. Marco Bicego carries on his father's tradition of furnishing elegant jewelry to the next generation.

Popular Marco Bicego Collections at BENARI JEWELERS

The defining element of Marco Bicego's collection is, without a doubt, the Marrakech collection, which prominently features the hand twisted coil technique. This style is classy, yet contemporary, with twists of yellow and white gold highlighted by strategically placed diamonds. We also offer you a chance to peruse the Jaipur Link collection. The Jaipur Link collection is characterized by 1k gold links, formed via the signature hand engraving technique and later accentuated by stunning diamonds. The use of high-quality gemstones in various colors hearkens back to the time of old world luxury and extravagance, when the nobility draped themselves in gold and jewels.

Nature's balance and grace is embodied in the Lunaria collection. Italian artisans carefully hammer and engrave each piece by hand until it captures the essence of the Lunaria flower, the source of the collection's inspiration. To wear a piece from this collection is to experience the sensation of being caressed by soft golden petals. Another option to consider is the Masai collection. Each 18k hand-coiled strand of gold is an homage to the strength and glory of the African Masai tribe. The jewelry can be worn alone, or stacked, with each piece adapting to the curves of your skin.

Why Shop for Marco Bicego at BENARI JEWELERS?

BENARI JEWELERS has been a reliable purveyor of one of the largest collections of luxury and designer wedding bands, timepieces, fashion jewelry, and engagement rings for more than fifty years. With locations in Exton and Newtown Square, customers have flocked from as far as Philadelphia, Malvern and Downingtown to take advantage of our unparalleled services. We provide onsite jewelry cleaning, resizing, repairs and polishing. Customers are free to inquire about our financing options.

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