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Maevona Engagement Rings
Maevona Engagement Rings
Maevona Engagement Rings

Maevona Engagement Rings



Characteristics of MaeVona Engagement Rings

Maeve Gillies is one of Scotland’s great treasures. Harpist, artist, jeweler: This young woman’s path was already bright before she began designing bridal jewelry that reflected the mystery, beauty, and timeless grace of Scotland. At BENARI JEWELERS, you can find MaeVona wedding bands and engagement rings that blend ultramodern design with the harp-string elegance of Edinburgh to the farthest Hebrides. More than simply engagement rings, the collections from MaeVona are treasures whose diamonds, gemstones, and multi-tone gold design you’ll adore every time the light catches them. Whether it’s islands, urban beauty, or flowers that set your dreams alight, there’s something for you in the BENARI JEWELERS showcases.

Popular Collections of MaeVona Engagement Rings at BENARI JEWELERS

As a reflection of the hundreds of unique islands that surround the Scottish mainland, the Scottish Islands collection from MaeVona contains dozens of different looks. The designer tends to favor pairings of 18k rose and white gold for a stunning contrast. The addition of pink diamonds in several of the rings lends the pieces another flash of feminine grace. Dazzlingly distinctive bezels and prongs are sculpted to accentuate the shape of the center stones—though MaeVona hardly settles for the ordinary with their center stones. Juxtapositions of different diamond shapes and arrangements of the stones that are truly unexpected only make this collection more excellent.

The Scottish Wildflowers collection is the line of engagement rings that reflects the wonderful diversity of the country’s natural landscape, from the delicate bluebell to the bold thistle. The Scottish Wildflowers collection, in fact, specializes in capturing the grace of the thistle, with special “thorny” prongs holding the center diamond and “tufts” of side diamonds. Turning these rings on their sides, you can also see flowers like drooping water avens supporting crowns. Also, you’re certain to appreciate the Scottish Towns line, whose Celtic inspiration comes through in every piece we showcase. Etched knots and the organic, geometric unity that characterizes an ancient city are ideal for complementing the diversity of diamond shapes favored by the designer.


For over 50 years, BENARI JEWELERS has been discovering the most amazing collections of engagement rings for the benefit of our customers. We’ve explored the world, finding superior brands whose style reflects an international appeal. MaeVona, a treasure of the Scottish aesthetic, is certain to boom into greater prominence in decades to come, and we’re proud to bring their work to our Pennsylvania customers. Whether you’re partial to the beauty of nature or the timeless beauty of ancient cities, you’ll adore MaeVona engagement rings. If you’d like to find out more about the designer or their bridal jewelry, don’t hesitate to contact BENARI JEWELERS today at Exton, Pennsylvania at 610-363-8450; or Newtown Square, Pennsylvania at 610-355-1800!