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Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

A wedding band is not only a symbol of your lifelong commitment to your partner but also one of the most personal pieces of jewelry you will ever wear. For a piece this special, it is important to wear one that speaks to your personality and unique style. Today’s wedding bands come in a variety of styles with many distinguishing elements that can set you apart from the crowd. One of the most important style choices, the finish, can create a variety of looks from rugged and rustic to elegant and distinguished.

Polished Finish

Polished finishes are a classic choice for wedding bands and have been the most popular style throughout history. Also known as a “mirror finish”, this technique results in a glossy, reflective surface that is elegant and refined. This finish is ideal for the groom who embraces tradition and glamour.

Satin Finish

For a softer appearance that still embodies the sophistication of a traditional wedding band, consider a satin finish. This second most popular finish has a delicate, gentle sheen with an incredibly smooth surface. This look offers a beautiful luster without the intense shine of a polished band. This is ideal for the groom who wants a timeless style that is understated.

Matte Finish

A matte finish provides a velvety appearance on a wedding band that is quite subdued. This finish is ideal for a groom that prefers to have a straightforward, simple finish. The subtle look of the matte finish pairs well with any style and is unfailing in its masculinity.

Brushed Finish

A brushed finish has a similar look to a matte finish except for its noticeable texture for added flair and style. The effect is a surface that is lacking in shine and appears as though it were brushed with wire. This dramatic finish is perfect for the man who wants a ring that strays from tradition and has the durability to withstand an active lifestyle, as scratches will not show as easily with the brushed surface.

Hammered Finish

A hammered finish is achieved when the metalsmith delicately hammers the surface of the wedding band, creating a dimpled design, and then applies a satin finish afterward. This gives the band not only a rugged and masculine style but also a very distinct look that is eye-catching and makes a statement.

Sandblasted Finish

Wedding bands with a sandblasted finish have a grainy, coarse texture. This notable texture gives the ring a distinctive flair that adds a whole new element to a man’s style. These rings are incredibly durable, making them ideal for daily wear, and won’t easily show flaws.

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