Gold Rings

Gold Rings

Characteristics of Gold Rings

Gold rings are perhaps the most iconic pieces of jewelry that you'll ever purchase - and although it can be tempting to just pick the first gold ring that you find beautiful, there are many aspects of gold rings that require further investigation. Despite white gold's long-time popularity as a metal for engagement rings, different gold alloys can lend your purchase an entirely different look and feel. Yellow gold rings are often considered the most stylish, lending the impression of wealth and luxury through its pure appearance. Rose gold, meanwhile, is one of the best metals to complement diamonds.

Popular Gold Ring Collections at BENARI JEWELERS

One of the finest bridal jewelry brands BENARI JEWELERS offers is TACORI, whose interlocking network of semi-circle patterns give any band a texture that draws the eye towards your hand. One of TACORI's finest collections is the Full Bloom collection, which utilizes a single center diamond with a halo of melee diamonds - this produces an effect mirroring that of a flower's bloom and is fit to make any spouse feel like royalty. The RoyalT collection is another great option, designed to take TACORI's finery to the next level with carefully crafted bands that hold any stone 2 carats or larger.

Of course, if you're looking for bridal jewelry, you've certainly heard the name Simon G. Simon G is a family-owned jewelry manufacturer that combines intricate patterning with luxuriously colored diamonds to craft gold rings like no other. One of the standouts of this jewelry house is Classic Romance, which uses Simon G's unique four-prong diamond installation method to put large stones in a slim band securely. Another great collection from Simon G is Mosaic, featuring intricate arrays of diamonds in a mosaic pattern - the diamonds on the outside frame a larger stone, giving the impression of complexity and finery.

Why Shop for Gold Rings at BENARI JEWELERS?

When you're looking for a family owned jewelry retailer in Pennsylvania, BENARI JEWELERS is the only right choice. We've been in business for more than fifty years, serving customers from cities like Philadelphia and West Chester as loyally as customers from smaller towns like Malvern. Our locations in Exton and Newtown Square have well-trained and friendly staff helping every day to bond customers with their loved ones - and since BENARI JEWELERS strives to treat every customer like our only customer, we won't let you walk away with a ring that you aren't satisfied with.