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For millennia, people have been venturing to their local neighborhood jewelers to find fine jewelry and timepieces. In this exciting age of technology, we can now seek these pieces out online, from the comfort of our homes. Some may be reluctant to purchase jewelry online, but there are plenty of reasons why it may be preferable to a brick-and-mortar experience.

Compare and Contrast

It is much easier to compare the full breadth of pieces available online. While in the store, you can touch and feel the jewelry with your hands, it is difficult to inspect each and every piece. You may like the engagement ring in the case upfront, but you may love the one in the back that you didn’t notice. It is also more suitable for budgeting, as you can see the price right there on the screen. Sometimes, jewelers even announce sales on their website, making it less time-consuming to track price changes.

Take Your Time

It is easy to feel rushed to make a purchase in one visit. The internet does not have a time limit. You can browse at your leisure, ensuring a stress-free and extensive process. Sometimes, it is hard to make a decision right away, hence the term “sleep on it.” With online shopping, simply add the items to your cart and ponder for a while before making the final decision.

Customize Easier

While many jewelers offer customization options for their customers, it is much easier online. You have the option to see what certain pieces look like in a variety of different metals, diamond shapes, and more. For some pieces, you can even see how different colors of gemstones would look in the piece. If you are looking for timepieces, there are some brands that offer straps sold separately so that you can mix and match.

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Whether online or in-store, a shopping experience at BENARI JEWELERS is unforgettable. Our boundless selection of jewelry and timepieces can be found on our exquisite website and our marvelous Exton and Newtown Square showrooms. For decades, we have been Philadelphia’s finest jeweler and will continue to be for decades to come.