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Dreaming of an eye catching engagement ring? Choosing a diamond can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Benari Jewelers will be with you every step of the way towards selecting the perfect ring, to unparalleled personal service long after. We're committed to helping you discover the very best, most exquisite diamond.

At Benari Jewelers we offer a huge selection of loose hand selected diamonds for visual beauty in any shape and size.

At Benari Jewelers we offer a huge selection of loose hand selected diamonds for visual beauty in any shape and size.


In their natural state, diamonds aren't any more notable than quartz: They lack fire and sparkle, and have unpolished grit and rock still attached to their facets. But when diamonds are expertly cut and polished, they come to life with the kind of rainbow fire that sets them apart from any other jewel.

Fortunately, there isn't just one way to cut a diamond, and the variations offered by the jewelry industry celebrate the fact that every jewelry lover has their own special tastes. To that end, Benari Jewelers offers this guide to what makes each common cut of diamond special:


The most popular cut of diamond in the world, round-cut diamond is the brightest and most fiery choice available, thanks to the optimized light reflection of the cut and the number of facets that diamantaires can carve into it. Due to popularity and waste, however, it's also the most expensive cut.


This elegantly vintage cut has the benefit of being extraordinarily similar to round-cut diamonds at a fraction of the price. Plus, oval-cut diamonds have 10% greater surface area than rounds, making them appear much larger on a woman's finger.


The second most popular cut of diamond, princess-cut stones are eye-catching thanks to their geometric perfection and the way the tightly packed reflectivity conceals imperfections. However, due to their vulnerable corners, this cut needs a setting that protects them.


For the lover of color in their diamonds, the cushion-cut is the cut that retains color the best. Their shape makes them show off hues even more vividly; and even with white diamonds, cushion-cuts most perfectly show off the rainbow of colors the stone can make.


Elegant, vintage, and unique are all terms that describe Asscher-cut diamonds. Their facets sacrifice the sparkle of newer cuts in favor of a “hall of mirrors” effect from the alternating steps to the stone and the “windmill” effect at the heart of the jewel.


As with the oval-cut, a marquise-cut diamond is very long, giving it the effect of looking bigger; its tapered points giving it an unusual appeal that narrows the finger. While a rare choice for engagement ring center stones, it makes a perfect choice for side stones.


A subtle marriage of the round-cut and marquise-cut stone, the pear-cut diamond is a dainty and feminine cut that has the length and narrowing effect of a marquise while maintaining almost all the sparkle of a round-cut stone. A plus is its surprising and lovely shape.


Because of their length, emerald-cut diamonds will appear larger than round diamonds. Their wide table and facets make emerald-cut stones less sparkly but shows off more of their flawless clarity. This means they will also show off more inclusions, should the stone have any.


A very modern style inspired by the Asscher-cut, radiant-cut diamonds are a rectangular cut that boasts 70 facets—more than any other cut—and maintains a round-like sparkle. But because of their exacting standards, it's extremely crucial to make sure your radiant-cut has ideal dimensions.


A more playful cut than any other, the heart-cut is exactly what it says on the label: It's a diamond shaped like a heart. A very rare cut, the heart-cut diamond is perfect for the romantic who's okay with making sure her stone is symmetrical and big enough that the shape can be seen.


The selection of loose diamonds at Benari Jewelers is second to none, and we're always happy to help pair our customers with the right cut of diamond for their one-of-a-kind setting. If you're interested in our showcase of diamonds, don't hesitate to contact us at 866-363-0808, or visit our Exton and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania showrooms today!