David Yurman Trunk Event 12/6-12/9

David Yurman Trunk Event 12/6-12/9

Benchmark logo with three rings
Benchmark logo with three rings
Benchmark logo with three rings

Benchmark Wedding Bands

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Characteristics of Benchmark Men’s Wedding Bands

A man has a very particular set of requirements for his wedding band that are distinct from his partner’s. A men’s band should be rugged enough to endure wear; it should have decoration that celebrates its owner’s tastes without overshadowing his partner’s engagement ring and band; and it should be made of high-quality materials. Benchmark—one of the most appropriately named designers on the market—hits all those requirements with their line of men’s wedding bands. Here at BENARI JEWELERS, we showcase dozens of different styles from one of the industry’s most inventive studios, all for the man who wants to celebrate his wedding with class.

Popular Benchmark Men’s Wedding Bands at BENARI JEWELERS

There are three features that immediately distinguish a Benchmark men’s wedding band from other designers’ pieces: Inspiration from the craggiest elements of nature, the two-tone metal approach, and the unique use of texture contrasts. If you’re searching for some amazing channel-set diamond bands or black diamond treasures, Benchmark has that in spades, but there’s something wildly eye-catching about an inlay of weathered rose gold made to resemble a boulder face being set over a band of polished white gold. Woodgrain patterns in gold, leaf imprints that circle a man’s finger; these are details that Benchmark does better than anyone else.

We touched on the use of texture, but the mastery of finishes is a tasteful feature in a wedding band that a man will adore. No matter your preferences in finishes, Benchmark has something to satisfy you. For example, at BENARI JEWELERS, we offer an oxidized hammered finish ensconced in satin-brushed gold. Sandblasted finishes sit alongside the distressed cool that comes from a brushed wedding band. What puts a bow on this amazing collection is that each Benchmark men’s wedding band is made with comfort fit. The studio engineers its bridal jewelry to sit comfortably against a man’s finger—you can be confident that your Benchmark band will be as light as a glove on your hand!


For over 50 years, BENARI JEWELERS has been the pole star around which bridal jewelry in Pennsylvania has orbited. Our experience with the top designers in jewelry design translates to curating experiences our customers adore. Men who are searching for the wedding ring that will pair timelessly with their spouse’s are encouraged to take a look at what Benchmark has to offer. The interplay of craftsmanship and vision; fine materials and durability characterize a Benchmark men’s wedding band. If you’re interested in learning more about this one-of-a-kind brand, don’t hesitate to contact our showrooms: 610-363-8450 for Exton, Pennsylvania; and 610-355-1800 for our Newtown Square, Pennsylvania showroom!