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Unique Engagement Rings

July 5th, 2022

Jewelers define engagement rings as a ring with a prominent diamond centerstone. To the people who wear them, however, they are much more. Engagement rings are symbolic of love, romance, and commitment. They signal a new milestone in life, a truly authentic connection to another person, and a dream come true. That’s what makes them so exciting and why designer brands are keen on creating a myriad of beautiful, distinctive rings. Anyone can find a piece that suits their individuality and fashion sense.

Cut and Color

Diamonds are the centerpiece of the ring. They are what shape the ring’s overall aesthetic, especially when one chooses an unusual center stone. If one is seeking something unconventional, they should first seek an eccentric diamond. The most common center stone is a colorless, round cut diamond.

A great way to stray from the norm is through a princess cut. These square shaped gems have a sharp, regal look. Some diamonds defy the classic clear by showcasing bold colors like rich yellows and reds. While this ArtCarved engagement ring does not come with the diamond, it's a perfect example of how beautiful these rings can be.

Three Stone Romance

These extravagant rings have two jewels flanking the center stone, leading to a marvelously luxurious three stone display. Said to symbolize the past, present, and future of a relationship, this setting is clearly among the most dazzling and indulgent styles. There are plenty of varieties: some balance minimalist metalwork with enchanting radiance, while others utilize multiple gemstones for a more spectacular piece.

This TACORI three stone engagement ring is a sight to behold, showcasing two slender baguette cut diamonds that lend their light to the center stone. It's ideal for any lover of vintage style. For added intrigue, there’s also intricate milgrain beading for a more dynamic look.

Floral Halos

Halo settings are adored by appreciators of brilliance and radiance. By surrounding an already prominent center diamond with another layer of diamonds, you’ve got a peerlessly bright engagement ring. Jewelry designers create a rich variety of halos to satisfy a multitude of preferences.

For a unique ring, opt for expressive halos. This Fana halo engagement ring has a floral aesthetic owing to its large accessory gems. It also has an exquisite pave shank for even more light.

Black and White

Black diamonds, also known as carbonado, have an intriguing, edgy aesthetic. Their daring color ensures that they effortlessly draw the eye. Some rings use them as center stones, but a few use them to accentuate a colorless diamond.

Those who appreciate an unusually bold ring will fall head over heels for this Barkev's black diamond engagement ring. Inlaid in a split shank pave, it marvelously contrasts the clear diamonds above and below.

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