Luxury Brands Worth the Splurge

April 20th, 2023

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Fine jewelry is a luxurious and high-fashion accessory. Some pieces and styles are very valuable, coming with a high upfront cost. However, some designers are undeniably worth the price tag. Be it a gemstone necklace, a diamond fashion ring, or a platinum bracelet, there are many marvelous and valuable accessories with beauty to match the cost. Discover something you love at BENARI JEWELERS.

Roberto Coin: Luxe and Regal

The jewelry of Italian designer Roberto Coin is truly enchanting. Royal and spectacular, this Vicenza-based brand is well-known for their signature ruby detail. They imbue all of their accessories with a hidden ruby. This imparts an exhilarating and glamorous secret to all of their high-end luxury accessories. Another distinctive Roberto Coin detail is their abstract floral patterns, which imparts a certain Renaissance flair.

A yellow gold bracelet from the Princess Design collection from Roberto Coin

The Roberto Coin Princess Design bracelet illustrates their style perfectly, exhibiting the complex silhouette, abstract florals, and rich gold aesthetic. Brilliant diamonds on the band elevate the bracelet’s eye-catching chic, while a hidden ruby can be seen on the inset.

David Yurman: Artistry and Elegance

A preeminent New York designer, David Yurman has a long history of innovation, daring creativity, and peerless mastery. Their jewelry varies greatly in design and approach, but they all benefit from the top-quality materials and artisan craftsmanship of this family-owned and operated company.

A chain necklace features unique geometric patterns

Their Lexington chain necklace is a true wonder, exhibiting the masterful metalwork David Yurman is known for. Large links and an eccentric silhouette makes this necklace an ideal accentuation piece for any outfit.

Marco Bicego: Wild and Glamorous

Another Italian brand, Marco Bicego distinguishes themselves through the use of asymmetrical silhouettes, minimalist materials, and sublime color. Their designs combine pure yellow gold with colorful gemstones like citrine, topaz, and amethyst. Their gemstones are often cut in unusual shapes to evoke a wild but luxurious chic.

A pair of Marco Bicego earrings feature an ensemble of different gems

These Marco Bicego Paradise Earrings are emblematic of the designer’s signature style, featuring a hail of multi-colored gemstones outlined and elevated by 18k yellow gold. They are extraordinary for pushing an ordinary outfit into a special, spectacular, and radiant ensemble.

Mikimoto: Classic and Timeless

There’s nothing more classic and radiant than a pearl necklace, and Mikimoto is among today’s top jewelers specializing in pearls. They exclusively use Akoya pearls, which are known for their mirrored luster and unusual shape. In addition to necklaces, they also offer fashion rings, earrings, and bracelets. All of these marvels are delightful additions to any high-fashion wardrobe.

A pearl necklace from Mikimoto features a white gold clasp

Consider this bright and brilliant Mikimoto necklace. The lustrous pearls have a white gold clasp and a small M detail. It’s a much-adored addition to any formal ensemble, regardless of the occasion.

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