Ideal Accessories for Spring: Floral Jewelry

February 5th, 2023

Lady wearing jewelry standing in front of blooming pink trees

Reflect the unique beauty of the spring season by emulating the flora around you in your ensembles. Floral jewelry is always a whimsical and romantic crowd-pleaser but is especially fitting during these months when nature revives. We’ve put together a guide to some of our favorite floral pieces by world-renowned designers that we’re proud to house in our showroom.

Rose gold and diamond necklace with Roberto Coin’s signature style

Minimalist Pendant

If big, bold pieces aren’t typically your style, or you’re looking for a piece that will meld easily with your wardrobe and look phenomenal with many looks, seek more minimalist pieces. Pendant necklaces hang at the center of your frame and provide a bit of sparkle and personality.

Opt for a more stylized version of a floral piece like this iconic pendant from Roberto Coin. This four-petaled motif is a symbol that Roberto Coin is known for and incorporates both the fluid, organic feel of flowers and the clean, architectural lines typical of this designer.

Stud earrings with diamonds, rose gold, and a floral silhouette

Sparkling Studs

No jewelry is more versatile than a timeless pair of diamond stud earrings. They frame the face in sparkle and can easily go from the boardroom to brunch or from a dive bar to a five-star restaurant.

We love these earrings from Hearts On Fire because of their unique floral silhouette, which brings a modern touch to a classic form. An unexpected hint of warm rose gold provides contrast and a subtle romantic flair that perfectly suits a flower-inspired piece.

Bracelet with ruby and diamond stations exhibiting a floral pattern

Gemstone Bracelet

Dot your wrist with elegant floral patterns wrought in richly colored gemstones this spring. Gemstone bracelets glitter with the wearer’s every move, attracting attention via their vibrant colors, shining facets, and polished precious metals.

We’re confident you’ll love this exquisite ruby and diamond bracelet from one of the finest designers in the industry, Simon G. Minimalist floral motifs are both sophisticated and dreamy, and fiery red gems are striking in their white gold setting alongside clear diamonds.

Fashion ring with green emeralds and diamonds, plus a hidden sapphire on the inset

Statement Ring

Accentuate your every gesture with lovely and precisely-crafted fashion rings this spring. Line your fingers with a true garden of floral-inspired pieces to play into the trends of the time and communicate your unique personality and aesthetic preferences.

A piece like this emerald and diamond flower ring from Fana is precisely the kind of focal point you’ll need to create a fashion-forward ring stack. This particular shade of green is wonderfully verdant and fresh, perfectly fitting for spring.

Couple holding hands in front of a beautiful sunset. Shown is a brilliant diamond

Shop Spring Jewelry at BENARI JEWELERS

We at BENARI JEWELERS would be more than happy to help you find the ideal floral jewelry from our carefully curated inventory of designer pieces. Nothing quite emulates the feel of spring like flowers.

Both our Exton and Newton Square, Pennsylvania jewelry stores are stocked with pieces that are sure to be exquisite additions to anyone’s personal collection. Book an appointment with one of our team members for a personalized consultation, or feel free to browse our inventory online.