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Creative Ways to Give Jewelry Gifts

August 20th, 2022

Giving someone a gift creates an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement for both the receiver and the giver. Some people may be unable to resist the urge to simply give a person their present, but the presentation and gift wrap can create additional layers to the gift that the person may appreciate. Our team at BENARI JEWELERS has put together a few creative ways to present or wrap jewelry gifts.

False Box

A classic way to pack a bigger surprise with your gift is by putting the gift in a misleading box. Instead of the hair dryer depicted on the box, a glamorous hidden necklace could be nestled within. A gigantic box with several smaller compartments inside, nestling-doll style, will make the search more urgent with each one until they finally come to the earrings box. These are great ideas for under a Christmas tree or for their birthday.

Pets to the Rescue

People adore their pets, so adding them to the gift-giving experience will be a sweet and touching addition. A hike with your pup could be the decoy you need to propose at a scenic spot with a gorgeous engagement ring. Attach a string to a lightweight box with the jewelry item within it to your pet’s collar, and then ask your significant other to watch after them for a moment.

When the pet runs to them, the box will confuse them at first until they open their surprise. If you have been discussing getting a specific pet, bringing home the pet they wanted along with a gorgeous bracelet could be a surprise that will certainly be memorable.

Inside a Book

Book lovers will enjoy a present that is geared towards literary themes. If you are set on giving them a piece of jewelry, then giving them the item in a carved-out book or a wooden box that looks like a book will accomplish this task.

A copy of their favorite book they already own may make a perfect secret hideaway box for them that they can use after emptying the space of the fashion ring you bought them. If they do not have the book title you use to make the box, buying a copy to add to their library may also be a stylish gift.

Sentimental Scavenger Hunt

Building anticipation is part of the fun of giving someone a surprise. Creating a whole day of enjoyment out of it can be a special memory that will be lovely for a birthday, to celebrate a significant milestone in their life, or a proposal.

Enlist friends and family members to help guide your significant other through different spots unique to them or your relationship to receive other smaller gifts. The next clue will end with the particular piece of jewelry you have waiting for them. If the scavenger hunt will take a while, ensure food and fun activities are part of the day to keep their energy up the whole way through your plan.

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