Celebrate July Birthdays With Ruby Fashion Jewelry

July 20th, 2023

A red gemstone earrings on a beige background

Rubies, the birthstone for those born in July, are known for their captivating beauty and fiery red hue. At BENARI JEWELERS, we recognize the significance of celebrating birthdays and have curated a stunning collection of ruby fashion jewelry pieces specifically for this month. From elegant ruby earrings to exquisite ruby fashion rings, our selection offers a range of options to honor and adorn those born in this special month. Embrace the allure of rubies and celebrate your loved ones’ birthdays in style with our beautiful ruby jewelry suggestions, available at BENARI JEWELERS. Discover the perfect piece to mark July birthdays and make it an unforgettable celebration with these dazzling gift ideas.

diamond, ruby, and rose gold necklace

Rose Gold and Ruby Necklaces

For those seeking July birthstone jewelry, rose gold and ruby necklaces make a perfect choice. The feminine allure of rose gold beautifully complements the deep red hue of the ruby. At BENARI JEWELERS, we offer a stunning example with an exquisite ruby and diamond necklace by Fana. This enchanting piece showcases a harmonious blend of rose gold and ruby, creating a glamorous and romantic look. Celebrate your July birthday with the timeless luxury of this necklace, available at BENARI JEWELERS, and embrace the exquisite beauty of rose gold and ruby.

diamond and ruby fashion earrings by Fana

Radiant Diamond and Ruby Earrings

To celebrate the July birthstone, radiant diamond, and ruby earrings are a fiery choice. The combination of dazzling diamonds and vibrant rubies creates a magnetic and luxurious look. At BENARI JEWELERS, we offer a stunning example of Fana earrings, featuring six rubies surrounding a center diamond. These gorgeous earrings are a perfect way to showcase the allure of the July birthstone. Elevate your gift style and commemorate July birthdays with these breathtaking fashion earrings by Fana, exemplifying the harmonious beauty of diamonds and rubies, available at BENARI JEWELERS.

yellow gold, diamond, and ruby bracelet from Benari

Bold Ruby Bracelets

To commemorate the July birthstone, yellow gold, diamond, and ruby bracelets make a perfect choice. The warmth of yellow gold accentuates the fiery red of rubies, creating a striking combination. We offer a stunning example of a ruby bracelet from our in-house Benari Signature collection, featuring small diamonds surrounding rubies in a yellow gold setting. This gorgeous piece is a fantastic addition to celebrate the allure of the July birthstone. Embrace the elegance and charm of these bracelets, available at BENARI JEWELERS, and celebrate July birthdays with a timeless and charming accessory.

white gold, diamond, and ruby fashion ring

White Gold Fashion Rings

White gold and ruby fashion rings are another phenomenal choice to celebrate the July birthstone. The cool elegance of white gold complements the rich red of rubies beautifully. At BENARI JEWELERS, we offer a stunning example with this gorgeous Fana fashion ring. Featuring small diamonds surrounding a large ruby center stone and diamonds adorning the band in white gold settings, this ring is a fabulous addition. Embrace the spellbinding allure of this piece, available at BENARI JEWELERS, and honor July birthdays with a captivating and exquisite gift.

ruby fashion ring with pearl background

Find Ruby Gifts for July Birthdays at BENARI JEWELERS

When it comes to shopping for ruby gifts to celebrate July birthdays, BENARI JEWELERS is a leading destination. With our extensive collection of stunning ruby jewelry, we’re proud to offer a wide range of options to find the perfect gift. Whether it's a sparkling ruby necklace, an elegant ruby ring, or an irresistible ruby bracelet, we have it all. With our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service, BENARI JEWELERS ensures a memorable and delightful shopping experience. Celebrate the beauty and significance of July birthdays by discovering the perfect ruby gift at BENARI JEWELERS. Contact us or book an appointment to stop by our Newtown Square location today!