Jewlry Repair

How it Works

Trade in your used watch and save cash on the purchase of a new watch. Just bring us your watch and we will evaluate and provide you a quote to either trade-in or we can pay you right on the spot. That's right-you can walk out of our store with extra money today for selling your used watch! You can call our Exton or Newtown Square locations to discuss your jewelry before you visit, email us, or simply walk in.

If you have a watch you are:

  • no longer wearing
  • bored with
  • is out of style
  • is too small
  • is too big
  • is too simple
  • is too complicated
  • has numbers too hard to read
  • tired of or just not wearing ...

Please consider trading your watch for something that excites you! Even if it's broken, missing parts, or badly abused, we will always consider any and all trade offers.


BENARI JEWELERS provides the most compelling customer care possible to all who enter our doors. Selling your gold, diamonds, and used timepieces to us, you will have a pleasant experience and receive excellent value. We are a member of the American Gem Society and adhere to the highest standards of business practices and ethics so that you can sell us your jewelry with confidence.