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About G-Shock Watches

Form, function, and inventiveness are the groundwork on which the G-Shock brand was developed. Beginning in 1981, the story of G-Shock begins with designer Kikuo Ibe. An engineer by trade, he was frustrated by the delicate nature of watches, and strove to create a watch that could be dropped or hit without breaking. His success in this avenue produced G-Shock watches, and here at BENARI JEWELERS, we’re pleased to bring this collection of timepieces to our customers. The durability, aesthetic care, and “chunky charm” that can be found in these watches is something that’s ideal for the person who wants modern cool in their timekeeping.

Popular Collections of G-Shock Watches

One of the most popular choices from G-Shock is their G-Steel collection. Marked by a bezel constructed from resin and stainless steel, the hybrid look of this line is an industrial type of cool that attests to the phenomenal durability of the pieces. The solar-powered movement of G-Steel watches and their sapphire crystals only add to the utility presented by G-Steel timepieces. If you’re a man interested in technology, the Digital collection from G-Shock embodies that ideal: The floating quartz movement is barely affected by sudden shocks, its urethane band protects it from striking surfaces, and the resin bezel gives further protection to the crystal.

Additional G-Shock Watch Collections

When it comes to G-Shock watches for women, there’s two primary divisions in aesthetics. A woman can opt for the more rugged and chunky look, or she can pick a slimmer case that’s no less durable than its sister collections’. The S-Series from G-Shock exemplifies the former. Its pastel case is smaller than the usual G-Shock profile, giving it a unisex appeal. The metallic face accent attests to the auto calendar, 5 daily alarms, stopwatch, and pedometer built into these pieces. G-MS, on the other hand, has a remarkably slender profile. Its forge-drawn metal bezel, however, is a glamorous cover for the protective resin case G-Shock watches do so well.

Why Shop for G-Shock Watches at BENARI JEWELERS?

The ingenuity and unique charm of G-Shock watches make up a cornerstone of our watch collections at BENARI JEWELERS. For over 50 years, we’ve been in the business of serving the finest options in jewelry and Swiss-quality timepieces to our customers, and when you’re searching for a timepiece that will keep up with your busy life and outdoor activities, this brand may be ideal for you. If you’d like to find out more about G-Shock for men and women, particularly the collections we carry, don’t hesitate to contact us at our two locations: 866-363-0808 for Exton, Pennsylvania and 610-355-1800 for Newtown Square, Pennsylvania!