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Upgrade Your Partner’s Ring This Holiday Season

October 20th, 2022

An engagement ring is an everlasting symbol of the commitment and love a couple shares. As it is a piece you or your partner will likely wear for the length of your relationship, it should reflect one’s unique personality and love story. Perhaps your partner’s ring no longer does this, as they have grown and changed over the years of your relationship, as is natural as people get older. Upgrade one or several characteristics of your partner’s ring this holiday season for a sentimental surprise.

Upgrade to a Larger Stone

One of the most common ways couples upgrade their engagement rings is to replace the center stone with one of a higher carat weight. The larger the stone, the more light it can reflect and the more eye-catching it will be.

Remember that, depending on the ring’s setting, replacing the stone with a larger one may require a bit of extra metalwork to accommodate the new stone’s size. It is essential to make room for that possibility in your budget and schedule.

Select a Different Stone Cut

The cut of the center stone determines much of the ring’s overall aesthetic feel. For instance, round cut diamonds give a classic, timeless effect, while emerald or marquise cut stones are unique and glamorous. Gift your partner with a center stone that aligns with their personal style.

Similar to replacing your center stone with a larger one, changing the shape of your center stone will also likely require extra metal work to both accommodate and complement the details of the new stone shape.

Change Settings

The ring setting refers to everything other than the center stone. If the center stone holds particular sentimental value for your partner, place it in a completely different setting to give the ring new life.

Ring settings range from minimalistic to eccentric, timeless to contemporary, catering to various aesthetic proclivities. Adding accent stones and metalwork detail can produce a wholly different ring that will undoubtedly surprise and thrill your partner.

Opt for a Different Metal Type

Certain metal types are better suited for lifelong wear. However, these metals can be quite expensive. Perhaps you had to select a cheaper type of metal due to budget constraints, but you can now afford a more dependable metal like platinum.

Your partner may also feel that a different metal color better suits their style and would like to upgrade to a starkly different metal. Their ring may currently be wrought in white gold, while a warm and feminine rose gold would better communicate their individuality.

Upgrade Your Partner’s Ring at BENARI JEWELERS

It would be our utmost pleasure at BENARI JEWELERS to play a small role in your unique love story by helping you to upgrade your partner’s engagement ring this holiday season. You can trust our team of experts at both our Exton and Newton Square, Pennsylvania jewelry stores to alter your partner’s ring with care and precision.

Read more about the professional jewelry services we provide here. Make sure to book an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our team members today.