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History of David Yurman

March 20th, 2023

Few brands have the highly esteemed reputation of David Yurman. This storied, artistic brand is well-known for daring jewelry and marvelous collections beloved by celebrities and fashion icons alike. Behind this designer is a rich story of passion, creativity, and romance. Learn more about it with the help of our team at BENARI JEWELERS.

Prologue: Before the Beginning

The success of the David Yurman brand wasn't by accident. Founders David and Sybil went through decades of training, education, and experience before establishing David Yurman as a successful company. They were both deeply involved in the 1960s art movement in California and New York. Sybil (née Kleinrock) was a prolific painter, while David apprenticed as a sculptor. The two first met in 1969 at a sculptor's studio in New York City.

In the 1970s, David and Sybil started his foray into jewelry with Putnam Art Works, their first cooperative effort. The destined duo married each other in 1979.

David Yurman cuff bracelets in silver and gold on a black marble slab

1980: The Brand Begins

The modern David Yurman brand was established, with Sybil fulfilling the role of co-creator and partner. Their early designs focused on pearls, semi-precious gemstones, and textured metalwork. For their efforts and innovation, they were quickly awarded the Designer of the Year by the Cultured Pearl Associations of Japan and America.

Evan Yurman Sybil and David's son was born in 1982. Immersed in the world of jewelry from a young age, he would have a substantial role in the Yurman brand in the future. His birth coincided with the release of the Starlight and Cable collections, the former of which has even received a modern release. In 1987, David Yurman showcased their work at the World Watch and Jewelry show in Switzerland. This occasion marked their expansion and reputation as one of America's most extraordinary jewelry designers.

1990: Physicality

The 1990s was a time of creation and creativity. Their Silver Ice collection was announced in 1997, which combined sterling silver and diamonds. These pieces exhibit textured metalwork that became a staple and signature of the David Yurman brand.

At the end of the decade, the designer opened their first boutique storefront. The immaculate, gorgeous jewelry store was located on Madison Avenue in the heart of New York City.

Close up of a woman wearing a stack of gold necklaces and two gold bracelets

2000: Expansion

David Yurman expanded greatly in the aughts. In 2001, they ushered in a decade of change through the creation of the David and Sybil Yurman Humanitarian and Arts Foundation. Evan Yurman joined the company in 2003 as Design Director of Men's Jewelry, heralding the brand's incursion into men's wear.

In 2006 they established a flagship boutique in Beverly Hills. That same year, they began offering beautiful engagement rings and timepieces. While a competitive industry, David Yurman's legacy of excellence gave them headway into this romantic realm of jewelry.

2010: A Premier Jewelry Brand

While David Yurman has been an established brand for decades by the 2010s, this decade marked them as a household name. They released many outstanding collections and iconic pieces, such as the Renaissance Bracelet. In addition, David Yurman trademarked their own signature diamond cut.

David Yurman became a leader in sustainability in 2018 when they joined the Responsible Jewellery Council, staying committed to transparency and environmentally conscious practices. From 2018-2019, David Yurman opened up locations in Florida, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, and Texas.

Four David Yurman dog tag necklaces lying on rock

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