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Engagement Rings: Why You Should Try Before You Buy

September 5th, 2022

Engagement rings are beautiful, romantic, and luxurious. There is nothing quite like the radiance and glamor of a diamond ring. Representatives of one’s marriage, picking the right piece is crucial. You would be doing yourself a disservice by buying the ring online without seeing it in person. Otherwise, you might pick something that simply doesn’t fit you and your style. Learn why with BENARI JEWELERS in Exton and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.

See the Light

Diamonds are desired because of their unparalleled shine. With a vast array of carefully cut and polished facets, these gemstones reflect an abundance of light. Different cuts ? such as round, princess, and oval ? reflect light in different ways. You won’t be able to witness the glorious brilliance of diamonds via a screen.

For example, this TACORI three stone ring must be viewed in person to fully appreciate it. It has three emerald cut diamonds, evoking a marvelous and regal look. Note that this gem cut is particularly mesmerizing, as they have an enchanting infinite hallway effect that is guaranteed to ensnare any viewer. Three stone rings are said to represent the past, present, and future of one’s relationship. This allows for a more extravagant, sentimental aesthetic.

Size it Tight

Every finger is as unique as a snowflake. Not only is this true in regard to fingerprints, but also when it comes to size. Every finger is a different size. Sometimes, ring size can even change during times of weight gain or loss. Thus, it’s essential to get your ring size measured by a professional. With their expertise and equipment, they can ensure that the ring fits just right.

Why is it so important to get a ring’s size right? Imagine this scenario: you’re on one knee, presenting this magnificent Simon G. halo ring. It’s the perfect ring for any aesthetic, with its dazzling diamond setting and fantastic center stone. She says yes ? how could she not with such a romantic ring? But, as she tries to slip her finger into it, she can’t. It doesn’t fit, and now you’ve started off the proposal with an ill omen.

Pair it Right

If you’re planning on wearing the engagement ring alongside a wedding band, you should make sure they look good together. While you can try and visualize them at home, it’s much easier to do at a jewelry store. By working with a professional, you’ll be better able to pair the ring and the band’s aesthetic. Jewelers have plenty of pieces to choose from, guaranteeing that you find the perfect combination.

This TACORI sidestone ring will look fantastic with an understated band, as the ring is breathtaking and spectacular all on its own. A more complex band might overwhelm its aesthetic, but that might be hard to convey without seeing it alongside luxurious wedding bands.

Try on Engagement Rings at BENARI JEWELERS

For luxury and romance in Pennsylvania, let BENARI JEWELERS be your destination. Our exquisite selection of designer bridal jewelry brands is carefully curated for the Commonwealth’s discerning tastes. In addition to these gorgeous rings, we also offer plenty of professional jewelry services including repair, maintenance, and more. Email us at to speak with our staff.