Your Guide to Buying Your First Fine Jewelry Piece or Luxury Watch

June 1st, 2019

Your Guide to Buying Your First Fine Jewelry Piece or Luxury Watch

Not all jewelry is made alike. When it comes to fine jewelry, there can be so many details and traits that it can be overwhelming to the new shopper to try and figure out what?s what.

But don?t worry, the experts at BENARI JEWELERS are here to help. If you?re looking to invest in your first fine jewelry piece or luxury watch, keep reading to learn the best way to shop for the right piece!

How to Buy Fine Jewelry

If you haven?t done so already, first think about the kind of pieces you want to invest in. Does your wardrobe contain mostly minimalist pieces? Are you fond of bold styles and colors? Are you looking for something specific, like an engagement ring or wedding band? If you?re looking for an accessory you?ll want to wear often, choose one that fits with the pieces you already own and love.

Next comes the fun part: Now you can start shopping for pieces you love! Learn everything you can about your favorite designs -- the materials they?re made of, the jewelers or retailers that carry them, the warranties and service plans offered, and the price and if any financing or layaway options are available.

Once you?ve narrowed your choices down to a few options, it?s time to visit the jeweler (or contact them through email or another means if they aren?t in your area). Let them know that you?re interested in purchasing one of their pieces, and try them on yourself. You may envision that a set of earrings or a ring looks a certain way on you, but actually wearing them may tell a different story.

Also make sure to ask them as many questions as you can about the jewelry you?re interested in. The questions you ask will depend on the kind of accessory you?re interested in, but you should definitely look into the following:

  • How it?s made
  • Where it or the materials came from
  • The certification papers and when the piece was certified (this is especially important with jewelry that contains gemstones)

Make sure to bring a friend with you too! You may need a second opinion on how that necklace or bracelet looks on you or you might need to consult them on an aspect of the process you?re not especially versed in.

When everything checks out and you?ve made your choice, take the plunge. After you?ve done your research and decide that you want it, there?s only so much waiting you can do. Also keep in mind that if it?s a one-of-a-kind or vintage piece, someone else might pick it up while you?re still making up your mind.

However, you?re still not done. Depending on how much you purchased your jewelry or timepiece for, you will want to get it appraised by a third-party company to confirm its value and get it insured. You may not see the need to get it insured right now -- after all, it?s new! -- but if something were to happen to it, you?ll be glad you did.

Buying Jewelry for the First Time

Tips on Shopping for Your First Luxury Accessory

  • Choose something you love and that you?d be proud to wear. This is your money after all, so follow your heart on this.
  • Set your budget before you start shopping. Otherwise, you may fall in love with a piece that?s way beyond your means and won?t want anything else.
  • When searching for a jeweler to buy from, make sure you choose one you trust. Reliable customer service and out-of-the-box warranties are other factors you may want to keep in mind.

If you?d like to find out more about the fine jewelry, luxury timepieces, or financing offers at BENARI JEWELERS, don?t hesitate to get in touch with us at (866) 363-0808 or visit us at our Exton and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania showrooms!