Watch BENARI JEWELERS' Nationally recognized Commercial

October 22nd, 2018

Buying an engagement ring is overwhelming! The options are endless, the stakes are high. and most people are trying to avoid hearing bad advice. The research it takes to confidently find the perfect ring can take over and feel like a daunting task instead of an enjoyable one. That's why you need someone you can trust. A place that can help you  tune out the bad information. Luckily you have US! BENARI JEWELERS! We are experts who understand the struggle and will guide you to the choice that you feel most comfortable. We simplify the process so you can stop your search and start your life.  

Our nationally recognized commercial reveals a real life struggle of hearing outlandish advice from family, friends and co-workers when shopping for an engagement ring. Although this commercial is light and funny, our team at BENARI JEWELERS takes your search seriously and strive to make a connection to all of our customers and find you the perfect diamond and engagement ring. 

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