Unique Ways to Announce Your Engagement

July 5th, 2021

While your partner probably spent months planning the perfect proposal, you might not have thought much about how to share the news with loved ones. Luckily, creative-minded folks have come up with plenty of ways to tell friends and family they’re getting hitched. At BENARI JEWELERS, we love being part of our clients’ lives and helping make their wedding journeys as special as possible. Check out these suggestions for sharing your big news and then visit us for bridal jewelry and more.


The new standard of announcing your engagement is posting your news to social media. Of course, you can post the quintessential diamond ring photo, or if you were lucky enough to get your proposal documented by a professional, you will have the very moment captured for all to see. However, if you want to spice up your announcement, here are some novel ways to share your good news with the world.


A photoshoot might sound traditional, however, that doesn’t mean the pictures you take have to be boring. On the contrary, there are plenty of creative ways to celebrate your exciting news. We’re big fans of choosing a theme that feels right for your couple style.


A vintage-inspired shoot is perfect for couples who feel like they are in tune with a different generation, or maybe a pair that simply appreciates the classics. While you can easily get the aesthetic across through your clothing, we recommend amping up the creativity by renting a vintage car for the day. A classic convertible gives you a variety of chic options for poses and locations!


The pictures don’t have to be limited to you and your sweetheart. Today, more couples are opting to include their furry friends in engagement shoots. You can hold your kitty or pup in the picture or give them a more official role, such as standing beside a sign announcing that “Mommy and Daddy are getting married.” Plus, who doesn’t want to see more pups on their feed? (No friend of ours!)


If you are playful and sincere, consider a photoshoot in your natural habitat. When you take pictures at a place you feel comfortable, candid poses and genuine expressions are likely to occur. Whether snuggling on the couch or playfully mixing something up in the kitchen, your photo session will likely bring you even closer together. Plus, you can use the images to decorate your home after.


Getting married might be a rite of adulthood, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a little childlike wonder into your engagement announcement. For a fun and playful twist on the typical photoshoot, consider picking up a few sticks of sidewalk chalk. Depending on your level of artistic aptitude, you could draw caricatures of you and your sweetie or even create a mural celebrating your love. Those who aren’t comfortable drawing can still get in on the fun. Simply use your chalk to write a message announcing your big news.


Of course, you don’t have to conform to the modern age with a big social media announcement. If you want to announce your engagement in a more one-on-one way, consider hosting a party for friends and loved ones. There’s something magical about seeing the look on everyone’s face as you announce your news in person. You can wait until everyone arrives and then present a banner, balloons, or cake with the news. For those artistic couples, consider putting together a little slide show of your love story.


After you announce your engagement, the next step is finding the wedding bands you’ll exchange during the ceremony to symbolize your love. Fortunately, BENARI JEWELERS has a wide array of wedding rings by all your favorite designers. We are the one-stop-shop for Exton and Newton Square couples to find everything they need for their wedding day. From rings to bridal accessories and even wedding party gifts, we have you covered every step of the way.

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