Trend Alert: Bridal Jewelry Trends Influenced by the Royal Wedding

May 29th, 2018

Trend Alert: Bridal Jewelry Trends Influenced by the Royal Wedding

Millions of people around the world watched with bated breath as Prince Harry of England married American former actress Meghan Markle. It was a wedding plucked straight from a whimsical fairytale. As the world watched the two tie the knot, trendsetters paid explicit attention to every fine detail.

One of the most watched aspects of the wedding was the jewelry Markle sported on the wedding day. From a three stone engagement ring to gorgeous diamond earrings, jewelry trends this year are bound to shift, influenced by the stunning pieces worn by the new Duchess of Sussex.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

The world was left breathless when Prince Harry announced his engagement to Meghan Markle with a dazzling three stone engagement ring. Since then, these beautifully modern and symbolic rings have taken center stage of bridal jewelry trends.

The three stone engagement ring is meant to symbolize the love felt between a couple, each stone representing the past, present, and the future. The present or middle stone can be the same size as the two accompanying stones; however, this wasn?t the case for Meghan Markle?s stunning engagement piece.

Her ring, in particular, was made with two round diamonds from Princess Diana?s jewelry collection, and a three-carat cushion center diamond from Botswana. The three stone engagement ring was already gaining popularity, but Meghan Markle?s ring certainly boosts the design?s appeal even further.

Royal Wedding-inspired jewelry pieces at BENARI JEWELERS

Gold and Platinum Wedding Bands

Simple wedding bands have been a popular style for as far back as anyone can remember, and is often a classic choice amongst newlyweds.

That said, Prince Harry?s choice of a solid gold wedding band for Meghan and a platinum ring for him is certainly going to influence bridal jewelry buyers looking forward. Wedding bands are intended to be worn throughout the marriage and as a result the more timeless the design, the better. The royal newlyweds made the right choice going with something so irrevocably elegant. Their decision of a gold and platinum wedding band solidifies these designs as a central part of bridal collections in the future.

Diamond Earrings

After the wedding, the bridal party attended a reception, where Meghan Markle donned a pair of diamond earrings. The earrings were fitted with 19 brilliant-cut diamonds, and 10 baguette-cut diamonds, making for a mind-blowing piece.

Trend-followers may already be aware of the power and gracefulness of a set of diamond earrings, however Markle?s return to simple tradition won?t go overlooked in bridal jewelry trends this upcoming year. While many may not have the royal budget for these earrings, there are many designers out there that have similar pieces in their collections.

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