This Summer's Most Stylish Engagement Ring Styles

August 3rd, 2017

Unique Halos

While the halo isn?t as new of a trend as it used to be, incorporating unique details and twists on traditional halos has become a gorgeous new piece of style that is definitely eye catching! Ornate art-deco inspired settings and halos featuring different style cuts are among our favorites. 



East to West

A stunning new twist (literally) on engagement rings, is the east to west style, featuring diamonds laying horizontally rather than their usual up and down setting. Designer A.Jaffe even recently released their brand new ?pirouette? rings, that allow you to actually switch up the direction of which way you want your diamond to face by simply twisting its direction. Today you?re a traditional gal, tomorrow you can be an east to west type!


All Shapes and Sizes

Various style cuts of diamonds are making a huge comeback. So long to the simple solitaire, and hello to a variety of shapes and styles to fit every personality. You may have even noticed the influx of new engagement selfies featuring more unique cuts, like ovals, pear shapes, and marquise! This trend is definitely geared towards the bride-to-be that likes to think outside of the box. 



Styled Bands

Brides are creating a new twist on the traditional wedding band look. Some have built a stack to complement their engagement ring by anchoring them around their ring, or showcase themselves solo sans engagement ring. On the other end of the spectrum, some brides prefer to style minimally by wearing a single bold eternity band in lieu of their engagement ring completely. This way can be more comfortable and laid-back without sacrificing style and sparkle. Check out designers like Henri Daussi and Hearts On Fire for unique, stackable bands!