The Return of an Icon

June 27th, 2017

Luxury designer Cartier, re-introduces a timeless icon to their collection in a bold and unique way, with the revival of a true classic: the Panthère de Cartier watch. This piece resonates, not only as a timepiece, but also as a piece of jewelry.

The new Panthère de Cartier will mimic its original, signature design, first launched in 1983, and will feature a square case with screws on the bezel and a brick-lay bracelet. The new edition will come in two sizes, small and medium, measuring 22mm and 27mm in diameter respectively, and a variety of metals and finishes.

The Panthère de Cartier will showcase affordable styles, such as the plain steel version in the collection, and also range to higher-end luxury designs that will feature diamond covered white gold editions.

The re-edition of the Cartier line aims to appeal to the stylish, bold, and free spirited women of today.

"It was clear we needed a strong manifesto for women," says Arnaud Carrez, Cartier’s global communications and marketing director, "and rather than design a new watch it made much more sense to re-launch something that has the potential to become an icon all over again. The watch is bold and sophisticated.”

Cartier has been long known for its production of one-of-a-kind luxury timepieces, including the Tank, the Ballon Bleu, The Santos, Roadster, and – of course- the Panthère de Cartier. 

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