The Hidden Wonders of Hardstone Jewelry: 6 Pieces to Wear from Day to Night

October 10th, 2018

The Hidden Wonders of Hardstone Jewelry: 6 Pieces to Wear from Day to Night

Hardstones, also known as semiprecious stones, are often poorly defined as simple and less glamorous stones; however this is far and away from the truth. There is a myriad of beautifully crafted pieces of hardstone jewelry out there, some of which match or even challenge the beauty of the finest gemstone and diamond jewelry pieces.

Whether you?re looking for an immaculate hardstone necklace or a pair of glamorous hardstone earrings, one quick glance, and you?ll wonder how some members of the jewelry world ever disregarded the beauty of this incredible stone.

What is a Hardstone, Anyway?

The term hardstone is often vague and can be used to describe everything from simple granite to gorgeous mosaics. The type of hardstone used in hardstone jewelry, however, is typically opulent and simplistically gorgeous.

Some example of hardstones used in fine jewelry includes amber, jet, obsidian, jade, agate, onyx, rock crystal, sard, and carnelian. Hardstone pieces are often opaque and contrasted either by another stone or a glimmering cluster of diamonds.

There are plenty of designers that use hardstone as a focal point for their fashion jewelry pieces. For those of you looking to add a piece of hardstone jewelry to their collection, our experienced stylists at BENARI JEWELERS have put together a list of some of their favorites.

Our Favorite Hardstone Jewelry Pieces at BENARI JEWELERS

Shy Creation's Kate Necklace

One example of hardstone?s seamless versatility is found in Shy Creation?s Kate necklace. Centered with turquoise and framed with diamonds, the hardstone Kate necklace is a stunning mosaic of rich blue tones.

The designers at Shy Creation have a particular fondness of hardstone, and it is made clear with their hardstone colored stone necklace. This piece exudes elegance and showcases the resolute beauty of dark agate stone. Like their other hardstone necklace, this piece is also surrounded by a ring of bright diamonds which directly contrast the deep hue of the center stone.

TACORI's Classic Rock and Golden Bay Collection

The hardstone ring from TACORI?s Classic Rock collection is another stylist favorite. Using the pure darkness of onyx and a polished sterling silver band, TACORI presents a showstopping level of contrast that simply cannot be found using classic gemstones or diamonds.

TACORI also showcases the breathtaking hardstone topaz in this drop earring piece from their Golden Bay collection. In this piece, they frame the stunning blue hues of the topaz stone with 18K yellow gold, which makes for a bold statement when worn.

These are just a few of the hardstone jewelry pieces we carry at BENARI JEWELERS, if you visit our showroom you can get the chance to browse our entire collection.

Hardstone Jewelry at BENARI JEWELERS

At BENARI JEWELERS we not only recognize the beauty of hardstone jewelry, but we openly celebrate it. Our showrooms in Exton and Newton Square, Pennsylvania carry a plethora of hardstone pieces as well as designer wedding bands, engagement rings, timepieces, and fashion jewelry.

For over fifty years we have proudly served the cities of Philadelphia, West Chester, Malvern, Downingtown, and King of Prussia with some of the best in jewelry and professional jewelry services. Some of the services we offer in our showrooms include things like onsite jewelry cleaning, resizing, polishing, repairs, and financing options.

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