The Enduring Allure of Platinum Jewelry

July 20th, 2020

The Enduring Allure of Platinum Jewelry

Why choose platinum for your bridal jewelry or fashion jewelry? The most popular choice for jewelry of all stripes is gold, but there are some distinct reasons that men and women choose platinum for the pieces that they?re going to be wearing daily. The biggest argument against platinum comes from the price tag attached to it: As platinum is far rarer than gold, it?s more expensive per ounce. However, with that established, we at BENARI JEWELERS are interested in giving you some reasons why investing in a platinum wedding band, engagement ring, or piece of fashion jewelry may be ideal for your lifestyle:

1. Unique Durability

One of the defining factors of precious metals is their softness. Gold, silver, copper, and platinum are all very soft metals. This is useful for jewelers looking to make delicate details in a fashion ring, but it also comes with the drawback of the metal being relatively weak. Platinum, like gold, is also soft and vulnerable to scratches. But unlike gold, which will suffer loss due to scratches, platinum will naturally displace rather than scratch off.

If your lifestyle runs the risk of hitting your jewelry against hard surfaces regularly, you may prefer having jewelry that can be buffed or repaired without dealing with any loss of material.

2. Color

When people purchase white gold, there?s often some confusion about the nature of its color. While white gold is appreciated for its combination of gold?s luster and a silvery-cool color, the metal is coated with a layer of rhodium to achieve that white. This is acceptable for many women, for example, who want their engagement ring made with that refined hue. But rhodium does wear off over time—and this is more pronounced with jewelry that gets dinged up relatively often, including bridal jewelry.

Platinum, being naturally greyish-silver, will never lose its color. Plus, platinum develops what?s known as a ?patina? over time, which adds a layer of personalized refinement to a piece of jewelry. Of course, since patina isn?t a chemical change to the structure of the jewelry, you can take your piece into a jeweler that provides services to have the patina easily cleaned off.

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3. Heft and Durability

Men often feel a bit blas? about wearing gold jewelry—even a men?s wedding band. However, platinum provides an exceptional contrast with the traits associated with gold jewelry. For example, platinum is about 40 percent heavier than an equivalent amount of 18k gold. The sheer heft of the metal gives it a robust feeling, which is also connected to its ability to resist corrosion and damage. If you?re a man looking for an alternative wedding band, you may be interested in what platinum has to offer you.

Regardless of whether you?re interested in platinum or gold, you can be confident that you?ll find what you?re looking for at BENARI JEWELERS. We?ve been sourcing amazing collections of bridal and fashion jewelry for over fifty years, and we?re ready to help you! Contact your local BENARI jewelry store for more information: 610-363-8450 for Exton, Pennsylvania; or 610-355-1800 for Newtown Square, Pennsylvania!