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David Yurman Trunk Event 12/6-12/9

Stackable Wedding Bands for the Modern Bride at BENARI JEWELERS

December 10th, 2018

Stackable Wedding Bands for the Modern Bride at BENARI JEWELERS

Meghan Markle, fashion muse of the gods, has been spotted with stackable rings on her fingers on more than one occasion. Honestly, we at BENARI JEWELERS think the concept is brilliant. More glitz, more glam, more of that classy Markle sparkle ? what?s not to love? As one of our favorite trendsetters, we?re more than confident that the look is going to hit 2019 hard, and we want to make sure you get in on the action.

So, What?s the Big Deal about Stackable Wedding Bands?

While there are certainly several obvious reasons why most women will consider stackable wedding rings an irresistible luxury (carat counters, we are looking at you), stackable wedding bands also come with one very important practical application: the ability to pick and choose which to sport on a day-to-day basis.

Think about it: bridal jewelry is one category of accessory that must go with everything a woman owns. One of the most incredible things about stackable wedding bands is that having several allows a woman to customize to suit her outfit du jour, no matter what it happens to be.

Sunday morning errands? Keep it simple with the more demure rings of the bunch. Going out with the girls? The glitziest of the stack can be worn. And, of course, for her most important social and family-related events, the entire roster is more than appropriate. It?s all about flexibility, people. Having options allows your bride to let the world know she?s happily taken without upsetting the delicate balance of her ensemble as a whole.

Create the Ultimate Stackable Wedding Bands Look

Now that you?re in the know, it?s time to start choosing the stackable wedding bands of your dreams. While it?s fair game to stick to only one designer or style, we at BENARI tend to have a bit more fun when we pick the best that every designer in our showcase has to offer.

Henri Daussi and Artcarved Wedding Bands

First up? Henri Daussi, always classy. This exquisitely feminine selection in 18k rose gold has got to be at the top of our list. It?s versatile enough to suit any stack.

Equally delicate and dainty is this fabulously elegant wedding band from Artcarved. Its irresistible lightness with feel like a breath of fresh air when paired with more outlandish stackable wedding bands.

Hearts on Fire and Amden Wedding Bands

For a simpler counterpoint to something flashier, you can?t go wrong with Hearts on Fire. The twisted metal that comprises this minimal wedding band keeps things interesting while letting more complex stackable wedding bands shine.

In a similar vein comes this vintage-inspired eternity ring from none other than Amden Jewelry. With nearly two carats of stones set into glimmering yellow gold, this piece is unforgettable on its own and perfect to complement other stackable wedding rings, as well.

Maevona and Simon G Wedding Bands

Add a sense of intrigue to your stackable wedding bands with a little help from Maevona; the luxe curves and clean design of this tension-set wedding band will blend in seamlessly with the rest while still adding a bit of its own individual flair.

It would be hard to finish a list of our most-loved wedding bands of any kind without mentioning Simon G. The intricate metalwork featured in this white gold wedding band and lack of a large center stone allow it to contribute to your stackable wedding bands collection without overwhelming the rest.

Stackable Wedding Bands and More at BENARI JEWELERS

Think that?s all we?ve got? Think again. With thousands of stackable wedding bands to choose from, BENARI JEWELERS has something for every bride. As an authorized retailer of more than a dozen world-class name brand designers, you can count on our expert team in Exton and Newtown Square for all of your bridal jewelry needs.

For more information on stackable wedding bands, definitely get in touch. We?re more than happy to help you find exactly what you need.