Spring Trends in Jewelry for 2022

February 5th, 2022

While jewelry has a special sentimental weight in our hearts, they are nonetheless fashion accessories prone to the ebb and flow of fashion. Along with more rain, Spring also brings about more trends. The cold and muted tones of Winter jewelry are giving way to the new and the bold. Since there are so many shifts in the wind, we have compiled this handy dandy guide to what trends to look out for this year.

Colorful Accents

Colors are in. Spring is the time for bold, rich colors. This may be inspired by the humble rainbow or the new blossoms of this season. Regardless, the more hues, the better.

Gemstone jewelry is the best for providing oceans of color to any ensemble, as many gems have depths of color that cannot be found elsewhere. This TACORI Lilac Blossoms necklace has a floral design set with four purple amethysts.

Nature Found Everywhere

As the cold of winter recedes, flowers spring from the ground and shower the world with color. Maybe that is why they call it Spring. A newfound appreciation for nature and all it offers inspires jewelers to incorporate natural materials into their collections.

Our BENARI JEWELERS signature collection has a mother-of-pearl pendant that combines brilliant diamonds with mother-of-pearl, a material derived from nature. For those who crave elegance, this is a perfect choice.

Fashion on a Short Chain

Now that the cold has let up, it?s time to explore. That means spending a night out and dancing, which involves a lot of movement. Very short necklaces, chokers, are in. These exquisite pieces contribute a graceful edge to any ensemble.

This spectacular diamond choker from Shy Creation has marvelous brilliance through its intricate diamond details. Its 14k white gold setting is icing on an elegant cake.

Bounty From the Sea

Pearls. With humble beginnings in the mouth of an oyster, pearls bring minimalist extravagance to any outfit. Their Spring popularity may be for several reasons, including their classy appearance, subtle luster, or natural origins. Either way, these incredible pieces are popular.

Mikimoto, a designer renowned for their Akoya pearl jewelry, exhibits awe-inspired pearl bracelets. Not only do they make use of their legendary pearls, but certain pieces also have a white gold centerpiece imbued with a small, dashing pearl that makes for a fashion-forward, refined item.

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