Sparkling Springtime Statement Pieces from Shy Creation!

April 25th, 2018

Sparkling Springtime Statement Pieces from Shy Creation!

Relatively new to our Exton and Newtown Square showrooms, no designer better represents the sunny shine of spring more than Shy Creation. Their diamond-covered bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and fashion are statement-making beauties that are unforgettable and hard-to-miss.

Perfect for this upcoming spring jewelry season, here are some of our very favorite Shy Creation statement pieces that you’re sure to love – all available today at BENARI JEWELERS!

Shy Creation Statement #1: Necklaces!

Shy Creation necklaces at BENARI JEWELERS

First up, from Shy Creation come these charming pendant and choker style necklaces from the brand’s innovative Colored Stone and Fashion collections. Adorned with a beautiful variety of bright and bold gemstones, these Shy Creation necklaces are perfect for pairing with a simple top or classic blue jeans, and feature an array of colorful designs for any wearer to enjoy.

Shy Creation Statement #2: Earrings!

Shy Creation earrings at BENARI JEWELERS

When it comes to making an earring-related splash this spring, we always recommend opting for more subtly spectacular gold-colored pieces – such as the four Shy Creation pairs shown above. Made with 14-karat yellow, rose, and white gold, these diamond-encrusted earrings (all from Shy Creation’s Kate collection) are a great way to bring an enchanting level of springtime sophistication to any ensemble while saving your real flashy pieces for the upcoming sunny summer season.

Shy Creation Statement #3: BRACELETS!

Shy Creation bracelets at BENARI JEWELERS

Next in our springtime showcase are the ethereal bracelets from the Shy Creation’s flagship Kate collection. Consisting of chain, bangle, and tennis style bracelets, the Kate collection is packed with fun-filled pieces that are ideal for wearing with your easy-breezy Easter Sunday or other special occasion outfits.

Additionally, to best capture the understated and elegant optimism of the spring, the fine jewelry experts at BENARI JEWELERS suggest that wearing your Shy Creation bracelet by itself, but keep it in mind for stacking and layering with other models once the summertime comes.

Shy Creation Statement #4: Fashion Rings!

Shy Creation fashion rings at BENARI JEWELERS

Our final handpicked springtime statement jewelry selection are these exceptional nature-inspired women’s fashion rings from the Kate collection by Shy Creation. On stunning display today in our Exton and Newtown Square locations, these wonderfully designed Shy Creation fashion rings pay homage to the blooming flowers that the springtime months are known for. In addition, because they are covered in an array of intricate designs, vintage milgrain style embellishments, yellow diamonds, and multi-toned gold bands, the fashion rings of Shy Creation are a true treat that you’ll look forward to wearing year after year.

Visit BENARI JEWELERS for your Shy Creation jewelry desires!

Visit BENARI JEWELERS today for More Statement-Making Shy Creation Pieces!

Located in Exton and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, BENARI JEWELERS is proud to bring to their customers one of the largest selection of fully-authorized Shy Creation collections in the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley areas. Furthermore, every piece of Shy Creation women’s jewelry sold at BENARI JEWELERS is covered by a comprehensive and complimentary lifetime service plan to ensure an eternity of brilliance, beauty, and high-fashion shine.

For more information on the Shy Creation pieces pictured above, please call us at 866-363-0808, explore our collection anytime at, or stop by the Exton and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania showrooms of BENARI JEWELERS today! 

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