Romantic Jewelry With Deep Meanings, Tailored to Your Love

October 20th, 2021

Selecting a romantic piece of jewelry as a gift can be as simple as choosing the most dazzling ring or a necklace that matches the earrings you purchased last year. But wouldn?t it be more special if there was a special significance to the gift?

At Benari Jewelers, pieces of jewelry can be crafted with a special meaning related to the person who will wear it. Why settle for a generic jewelry style when you could give your loved one a truly unique gift that honors your truest feelings toward them?

Classic Romantic Jewelry Symbols

The goal of romance should be, above all else, to make the person you care for feel special by sharing your deepest feelings. Our exquisite selection of jewelry features symbols imbued with classic romantic symbolism that will let your special someone know exactly how much you love them.

  • Heart: One of the symbols featured among our necklaces is the heart — the classic symbol of love. Dating back to the middle ages, the symbol of the heart maintains its status as one of the most popular jewelry designs.
  • Circle: For the minimalist in your life, the circle symbolizes life, wholeness, and perfection. Many romantics believe the circle symbolizes eternal love, similar to the infinity sign.
  • Infinity: As the name indicates, infinity has no beginning and no end. It symbolizes the kind of love that endures forever.
  • Knots: One of the most popular and stunning jewelry designs, some call this design a love knot, the lover?s knot, or true-love?s knot. Whatever you call it, the knot is a symbol of unbreakable commitment and unity.

Past, Present, & Future

A three-stone piece of jewelry honors the past, celebrates the present, and signifies hope for the future of your love. Give your loved one jewelry that tells the whole story of your love and commitment to one another.

The first stone represents everything you?ve been through together and all of your shared memories. The center stone represents your present and the joy you feel in your day-to-day life, thanks to your partner. The final stone symbolizes all of your hopes and dreams for your future together.

While three-stone engagement rings enjoy their popularity, other three-stone jewelry styles have become popular as a way of expressing this sentiment in a variety of beautiful diamond jewelry styles.

Perhaps instead of a ring, your loved one would prefer a three-stone pendant necklace or a set of diamond stud earrings.

For a bit of fun and personality, you can swap out the diamonds for colorful gemstones as seen in our David Yurman Novella Three Stone Bracelet. This stunning bracelet features champagne citrines and pav? diamonds set in 18K rose gold.

Yours For Eternity

Symbolizing the kind of love that has no end, the eternity ring is the perfect choice to represent the everlasting love you feel toward your partner.

Eternity rings feature a continuous sequence of identically cut diamonds, gemstones, or both. They make an excellent wedding band and are often given as anniversary rings to add to a wedding stack.

Infuse your jewelry gift with even more meaning by incorporating gemstones with personal meanings, like birthstones.

Love Is a Journey

If you?re interested in more modern symbol, the journey necklace is a new style of romantic jewelry your partner will adore. It commemorates special moments, adventures, and journeys your love has taken.

Taking the shape of an ?S,? these necklaces typically feature embedded diamonds or gemstones. In most cases, the ?S? symbol is situated vertically. The collection of journey necklaces at Benari Jewelers includes the Shy Creation Eden necklace featuring a horizontal symbol set with hand-selected graduated diamonds to symbolize ever-growing love.

Journey necklaces are an ideal gift for brides-to-be, expectant mothers, and as a gift to yourself to commemorate something special you plan to do.

Romantic Jewelry to Represent Your Romance

Forget symbolic gestures — give your loved one the gift of timeless jewelry imbued with romantic symbolic meaning. They will treasure your gift forever because it represents the unique love between the two of you in its deepest form.

Find the perfect gift for your partner at Benari Jewelers. Our expert staff will help guide you through our selection showing you a range of options to choose from. We?ll also introduce you to our engraving services if you wish to add an even more personalized touch to your gift. Stop by our showroom today!