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We place our customers first, providing superior customer service on every step of your search for the engagement ring of your dreams. We guarantee to not only meet, but exceed your expectations with the brilliant quality of our jewelry. Here at BENARI JEWELERS, we guarantee to be the best value. Within 30 days from the date of purchase, if you find the same diamond for less at another jewelry store, we will match the price. Verification may be required.


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Once you’ve chosen the ring of your dreams, BENARI JEWELERS will protect it for a lifetime. As a member of Preferred Jewelers, our Free Lifetime Service Plan includes:

  • Re-tipping of prongs
  • Re-sizing- Excluding Eternity bands
  • Damage mountings
  • Tightening of stones
  • Refinishing
  • Polishing
  • Damaged earring backs
  • Lifetime maintenance

Lifetime Diamond Upgrade

BENARI JEWELERS is pleased to offer a lifetime diamond upgrade program, ensuring that at any time you can decide to make your ring even more beautiful with a diamond of greater value. This allows you to purchase a diamond at your budget now and whenever you are ready, you can simply upgrade to a bigger or higher quality diamond. The value will be determined by the purchase price as shown on its original receipt. Mounting will be accepted as part of the trade-in due to wear and will be valued at the price of gold at the time of trade-in.



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Owning a fine timepiece requires regular care and service to keep it functioning at its best. Our service department understands the importance of your timepiece and is committed to helping you improve and maintain its top condition. We guarantee your watch repair for one full year (2 years on Rolex). Click for more about BENARI JEWELERS Watch Warranty

Ring Resizing: How to Change Your Ring with Your Life Changes

Nobody wants to give up their favorite ring when their fingers change size over time. Read about the plethora of ring resizing options available to men and women!

Ring Resizing: How to Change Your Ring with Your Life Changes

You may or may not know it, but everyone’s ring size changes over time. For many, this change is extremely minor, but there are circumstances that cause dramatic changes.

Pregnancy is one of the biggest triggers for changes, causing fingers to swell. Common triggers also include aging and changes in weight, but things as simple as stress and sodium consumption can cause changes. With all of these factors changing soft and hard tissue, it’s impossible to predict if and when your ring size will change over time.

However, if you don’t want to give up your favorite piece of fashion jewelry or your wedding band, there are plenty of options available! Here at BENARI JEWELERS, we perform ring resizing on a regular basis, so we have the expertise to offer some ideas for resizing with our customers.

Sizing Up Your Ring

It’s very common for our customers to require an upsizing. People tend to gain weight over time rather than the reverse (thanks to metabolism changes or pregnancy), and a natural side effect of that is gaining weight in the hands. Still, if your engagement ring is pinching your hand now, knowing the science is less important than knowing ways of making your ring comfier.

One method of increasing ring size is to place a ring on a mandrel and stretch it. The benefit of transition metals is that unlike crystals, they’re ductile (stretchable). However, stretching a ring is really only a good idea if the piece lacks intricate filigrees and jewels. This means that rings that favor texturing and no stones are a good match—like the Classic collection of men’s wedding bands from ArtCarved or the men’s bands from Henri Daussi.

If you’re a woman with a diamond-studded engagement ring, you may prefer having a small portion of the shank removed and fitted with a larger piece of metal. This will preserve the integrity of the jewel settings, but it will create two weak spots at the welding areas. As you can probably tell, any method of upsizing is inevitably going to cause some structural weakness in rings, which is why we at BENARI JEWELERS only suggest upsizing once, and totally avoid the process with eternity rings.

Resize Engagement Ring

Sizing Down Your Ring

If you’ve lost weight, finished giving birth, or ageing has caused you to lose muscle mass in your fingers, a ring may not sit comfortably on your finger anymore. Fortunately, downsizing a ring is easier, generally reversible, and far less traumatic to a ring’s integrity than upsizing.

There are methods of permanently shrinking the size of a band or shank, but if your Tacori engagement ring has diamonds all down the shank, you probably won’t want to take that route. Rather, you can have small sizing beads soldered into the shank to make the shank sit tighter against your finger. Some people, though, find the sizing beads irritating.

And if that’s the case, you can have a spring insert soldered to the inner lining of the ring, creating a “second shank.” If you’re in a situation where your bones have gotten bigger, but your soft tissue has become thinner, as with age-related arthritis, you can speak to our team about having an unobtrusive moveable shank installed into your Hearts on Fire ring. Do keep in mind, though, if you’ve chosen an eternity band or diamond-studded engagement ring, it may not be possible to install the moveable shank!

Ask Us about our Ring Resizing Services

Whether you need your ring bigger or smaller, BENARI JEWELERS is here to help you with all your ring resizing needs! If you have any questions about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at 610-363-8450 for our Exton showroom or 610-355-1800 for our Newtown Square showroom!


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