Make it Your Own: Custom Ring Engraving Ideas at BENARI JEWELERS

March 25th, 2019

Make it Your Own: Custom Ring Engraving Ideas at BENARI JEWELERS

Think about it: what elevates a wedding or engagement ring beyond a mere piece of jewelry? A ring is just a ring without that sacred bond two partners share between them giving it life.

One way of really driving home that sentiment that we adore: ring engravings. Not only does engraving a ring set it apart from the rest ? an engraving serves as a constant reminder to the wearer of the fact that he or she is loved. We?ve got plenty of ring engraving ideas if you?re looking to personalize.

Engagement and Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas, Courtesy of BENARI

Anybody who?s ever struggled to come up with something to write on the inside of a greeting card will likely feel a similar sense of panic when choosing just what exactly to engrave into the ring. What?s the best way to come up with ring engraving ideas that will enchant for a lifetime?

Truly, there are as many options as there are couples in the world. Nobody can make this decision for you ? it has to come from the heart. One common route is engraving the ring with your wedding or engagement date, but you can definitely do so much more. Do you both share a common language? Is there an inside joke or a line from a favorite movie that make you smile together daily? It doesn?t have to be sappy or overly sentimental. Sometimes, a simple ?I love you? is all you need.

Another option: a symbol, something pictorial representing a cherished moment with your beloved or something that is important to you both. This route, in our opinions, lends itself especially to choosing an engraving for a masculine wedding ring (this is not to say that the ladies should be excluded from this category, however). Again, this is a choice that will be 100% unique to the couple sharing the rest of their lives together. Get creative.

Just as important as the what: the where. The inner rim of the ring is a natural first choice, keeping your poetic gift romantically under wraps, a covert secret from the rest of the world. Others may want their message to be apparent to everybody in their beloved?s vicinity ? a subtle engraving may be a tasteful addition to ring?s outer appearance.

Custom Ring Engraving at BENARI Jewelers

Things to Consider When Deciding Whether to Engrave Your Ring

Personalizing your bridal jewelry with a custom engraving may seem like it?s all fun and games, but don?t be fooled ? you?re going to want to take every relevant factor into account before making any big decisions.

For starters: the type of metal your ring is made out of will make a huge difference. Obviously, the classic gold and platinum wedding or engagement ring will pose no obstacle to you. Denser metals, tungsten and tantalum being great examples, will prove to be a challenge in this area. If not being able to engrave is a deal-breaker for you, we advise steering clear of them both.

The Best BENARI JEWELERS Has to Offer in Bridal Jewelry

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The list of services we offer our clients is too extensive to enumerate fully here ? among them are jewelry repair services, financing for those with approved credit, and, of course, our famous ?Say Yes? program, something you?ll definitely want to look into if you?re considering a proposal this spring. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us online.