David Yurman Trunk Event 12/6-12/9

David Yurman Trunk Event 12/6-12/9


August 20th, 2016


We get it. When it comes to your perfect match, you?d be happy with a ring from a 25 cent machine, as long as it means you?re engaged. But realistically, we?ve all day dreamed about what ring you?re keeping your fingers crossed for the second they?re on one knee, popping open a pretty little ring box. And if you haven?t really thought about the EXACT ring, you at least have a style in mind- you know what you like and what you definitely don?t like. At BENARI jewelers, we want to help make sure that the surprised look on your face in that moment, is one of overwhelming love and excitement, and not the complete opposite. We want to help you avoid the awkward moment of how to say ?yes? to the proposal, but ?i don?t know? to the ring- with 5 ideas on how to get the engagement ring that you really want.

  • Show him a picture. Luckily, we live in a generation where Google can search any image you want to find in the world. And even more so, social media has supplied us with a ton of platforms to search through boards, hashtags, and feeds for the perfect ring we have in mind. All it takes is a right click, a screenshot, or an old fashioned snipping of a magazine to supply our significant other with the tools to visually set out on the hunt for our dream ring. Follow BENARI on Instagram (@BenariJewelersOfficial), Facebook, and Pinterest for inspiration and the tools to drop the perfect hint.
  • Shop together. You would be surprised how common it is for couples to shop together. This allows you to physically try on different cuts, carats, and styles to find out which ring you would say ?yes? to. If your significant other is more of a traditionalist, try suggesting that you two just browse and keep it a casual ?what if? scenario, so it takes the pressure off of having to purchase in the moment and they can come back and buy on their own. Stop in either of BENARI?s locations, in Exton or Newtown Square, and we will happily assist in trying on different designs, styles, and answer any questions that may pop up! Take advantage of trying on designers you?ve been drooling over on Instagram, like Tacori or A.Jaffe, or play around with more unique custom styles.
  • Get help from family or friends. If you?d rather take a less direct approach, ask your family or close friends to help give ring advice or go shopping with your significant other. But make sure it?s a family member or friend who?s taste you trust, and let them know exactly what you want- whether it?s an exact ring, or access to your Pinterest board, supply them with the best information so that they can direct your soon to be fianc? in the right direction!
  • Let it be a surprise. Give a subtle amount of hinting about what you do and do not like in a ring, and assure your significant other that you trust their style (but make sure that you DO actually trust their style.) Even though this tactic may be the riskiest, it is definitely the best way to keep an element of surprise. It?s also wise to make sure that you drop hints about where to purchase the ring as well. At BENARI, we want to help make every detail be as perfect as you?ve imagined.
  • Design the ring together. Spend some time doing research together and take notes on which designs you really love. Make it known that you want your ring to be custom made and come up with ideas together! Be sure to let your honey contribute to the design, too, so that it?s especially special and unique between the two of you. Once you have all the details and the perfect vision for your custom engagement ring, visit our BENARI Design Center and let us begin the process of making your dream ring a reality.