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David Yurman Trunk Event 12/6-12/9

How Do Environmental Conditions Affect Engagement Rings

June 20th, 2022

Your engagement ring is a precious symbol of your love for your significant other. Taking care of its beauty will ensure that it lasts for generations. However, there are certain activities and situations when your engagement ring should not be worn because the environmental conditions will negatively affect the ring and diamond. Understandably, you want to wear these beautiful rings all the time, but sometimes it is safer to leave them behind. If you do, there?s much to consider. Our experts at BENARI JEWELERS created a guide to help better protect your engagement ring for years to come.

Cold Temperatures

Colder temperatures during winter and places with their air conditioning set on high all of the time can change your ring size. Temperature fluctuations can make people?s fingers shrink, meaning that the ring that normally fits perfectly might now fall off.

Jewelers can add a sizing bead on the inside of the band to size a ring down during colder months. If you do not live where it typically gets cold, then for vacations in cold areas or chilly offices, just be aware of where your ring is on your hand. Putting the ring on a chain is one way to wear the item still without worrying about losing them.

Hot Days and Activities Bend Rings

Just as the cold affects engagement rings, so does the heat. Wearing your ring on a long hike in the sweltering sun is a bad idea for several reasons, but one of the main reasons is the heat can bend or warp the band or prongs holding precious stones in place.

After a ring is subjected to full sunlight for an extended period, the metal will become less durable and more prone to dents and scratches. Warping a ring will lead to you having to repair the item so that you can comfortably wear the ring again.

Take Off Rings Before the Pool or Ocean

Chlorine in pools and saltwater in the ocean can both discolor and dull diamonds within the design of your ring. Water also will cause your fingers to shrink and can easily loosen your rings so that you lose them in a drain or out in the wild. Prevent this by taking off your bridal rings before getting into the water.

Make sure to store your rings in a safe place so that they cannot fall out or be easily stolen by another guest at the pool or waterside. Sand can also scratch the precious metal or softer gemstones that may accent your engagement ring.

Working with Your Hands

Gardening can leave dirt in the tiny details of your ring that will be difficult to get rid of without a professional cleaning. Using tools while constructing or doing projects around the house or your job can damage your ring.

Delicate prongs can be damaged by too much force and make you lose a side stone or, even worse, the center stone. Chemicals and residue from certain materials can also discolor metal and stones. The safest bet is to take off your ring before doing specific tasks to save yourself the headache of getting the ring fixed or cleaned.

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