May 15th, 2015

Under the gloves, what ring will you wear? Nurses and other medical practitioners struggle with their engagement rings on a daily basis. While caring for people, handling delicate tools and getting their hands dirty, nurses need a practical, yet beautiful engagement ring.

Nurse Google Image

As a nurse, you should focus on finding a ring that’s low maintenance, durable and smooth. A bezel-set diamond ring will allow you to avoid sharp, raised edges and protect the diamond by keeping it from getting scratched or damaged. The bezel has a strength that can handle rough activities better than other settings. This protective layer makes it easy for nurses to wear gloves and to be hands-on.

A.JAFFE bezel

If you want to be sure the ring will be hassle-free, consider getting plain bands. They are always a safe option if you want to avoid having nooks which can capture dirt. Plain bands provide a clean, classic look that will be easy to wear with gloves. If the ring happens to rotate, it won’t matter since the design will be consistent throughout the entire band. With a plain design, you won’t have to worry about taking your ring off.

A.JAFFE Quilted Band

Don’t want to “settle” with options that don’t describe your dream ring? Get the ring you love and put it on a pendant chain! It will stay out of your way and close to your heart.

ArtCarved Ring with Silver Pendant Chain

Whichever one you fall in love with, take care of your patients and BENARI will take care of your ring selection.

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