Find the Perfect Diamond Shape for Your Finger

January 5th, 2022

Perhaps you?re drawn to the breathtaking oval diamond doned by Hailey Bieber. Then again, maybe you prefer Jennifer Lopez? emerald-cut stone. The good news is newly engaged couples have plenty of options when it comes to diamond shape. You just have to choose the cut that speaks to you. Read on for tips on finding the perfect diamond for you.

What?s Your Diamond Shape?

Trying to choose the perfect diamond shape? From vintage looks to modern marvels, the options are extensive. Ultimately, you should choose whichever stone cut speaks to you. Keep reading to learn more about diamond shapes and see which one feels perfect.

The Radiant Round

The most common diamond shape, round cut stones are made to include 58 facets. The end result is that they reflect more light than other options. Due to their popularity, round stones fit well into just about any engagement ring setting.

Because the cut is always in fashion, it?s a great choice for those who appreciate the classics. You don?t ever have to worry about this diamond shape going out of style. The brilliance for which the round cut is known for is also appealing for those who cherish light above all else.

Modern Princess

The second most popular diamond shape, princess cuts have a square shape that looks fresh and modern. As a result, they give a geometric, architectural look to ring settings.

You don?t have to be a princess to appreciate this ring style. Combining femininity with drama, the princess diamond is a great choice for those who like to attract attention wherever they go. If you want to make a statement, consider a princess cut ring.

Opulent Oval

Because they tend to have more surface area than a round diamond, oval stones are sure to stun. Additionally, this sophisticated stone features an elongated shape that makes the wearer?s fingers look longer and more slender.

One of the benefits of choosing an oval diamond is that it works just as well with modern as they do with vintage styles. Though ovals were popular in the 1920s, plenty of today?s brides appreciate the unique romance of this shape.

Ethereal Emerald

With elongated, step-cut facets, emerald diamonds are certain to draw the eye. However, shoppers need to take care when selecting one of these rare stones, as higher clarity grades are necessary to appreciate the emerald?s cut?s beauty in full.

Although there?s no wrong way to wear an emerald stone, many brides opt for a solitaire or a setting with baguette accentuating stones. It?s a great look for anyone with an appreciation for vintage elegance and glamor.

Peppy Pear

Graceful and feminine, a pear cut diamond features a rounded end and a pointed end. In this sense, it?s a hybrid of the round and marquise diamond cuts.

You won?t see many pear diamonds out in the world. As a result, they?re a great choice for brides who appreciate being one of a kind. Additionally, pear shapes look incredible with vintage settings, making them a natural selection for couples with a love of all things old-fashioned.

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