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David Yurman Trunk Event 12/6-12/9

Designer Spotlight: Coast Diamond

July 10th, 2020

Designer Spotlight: Coast Diamond

Founded in 1978, Coast Diamond has built a strong reputation as a designer of creative, stylish jewelry that manages to retain a sense of classic chic without being boring. Here at BENARI JEWELERS, we showcase three varieties of Coast Diamond jewelry: Engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion rings. We frequently have women and men from our community asking about Coast Diamond, which, given our fondness for the brand, is something that excites us. Today, we?re going to be turning the spotlight on each of the Coast Diamond lines that can be found at the BENARI JEWELERS showrooms, giving you a new insight into what makes their designs special.

Engagement Rings

At BENARI JEWELERS, you can find six different collections of engagement rings from this esteemed designer—and the foremost among them is their newest collection: Charisma. Noted for its detailed filigrees, this collection blends vintage charm with contemporary elegance. As a collection absolutely studded with diamonds, Charisma is also a great choice for a woman who wants to show off a little flair with her bridal jewelry—and it makes a great complement for some of the Coast Diamond wedding bands with their own diamond-studded elegance.

At the other end of the Coast Diamond engagement ring design spectrum, you can look to the Signature collection. Opting for colored stones as the primary focus of the pieces, Signature rings boast tourmalines, sapphires, and topazes which lend their unique beauty to the hand of a woman who prefers expressing herself with something off the beaten path.

coast diamond engagement rings

Wedding Bands

At BENARI JEWELERS, we?re pleased to be a one-stop-shop for women looking to complete their Coast Diamond bridal set. Once you have your engagement ring, you?ll have to pair it with a wedding band from the Charisma or Diamond collection. As with the engagement ring collection, the Charisma wedding band is something rich with elaborate touches that complement the stones: In this case, it?s ?halos? that are interlocking and supporting lifted diamonds at their heart.

Alternatively, you can look to the appropriately named Diamond collection. While both lines celebrate diamond beauty in their women?s wedding bands, the Diamond line sets aside the baroque style of Charisma bands in favor of straight rows of diamond. However, these rows tend to be either arranged in staggered lines to maximize compactness and light capture, or framed on either side with milgrain beading for that extra touch of flair.

Fashion Rings

Coast Diamond fashion rings are not only a great choice for the fashion-forward woman, they?re a great choice for the bride-to-be who wants something a little different. Pulling triple duty as fashion accessory, anniversary ring, and wedding band, this line of rings from Coast Diamond is always a great choice. As with the Signature collection of engagement rings, the Coast Diamond fashion rings also feature a great many colored stones. Rubies and sapphires are set along with designs like square settings that really play up what 14k white gold can do when it?s in the hands of master craftspeople.

As your local jewelry store for over 50 years, BENARI JEWELERS has long strived to provide only the finest jewelry brands to our local community. If you?re interested in learning more about Coast Diamond, one of those brands, contact us today: 610-363-8450 for Exton, Pennsylvania; or 610-355-1800 for Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.