Day to Night Diamonds

December 7th, 2021

Diamonds are a highly regarded gem, but only recently has their versatility become truly valued. Traditionally, diamonds were reserved for evenings and late nights. People rarely wore diamonds to brunch or the beach. However, fashion trends are in constant flux, and lately, it's been deemed that diamonds are excellent for all-day use.

From sparkling earrings to glittering bangles and jaw-dropping necklaces, these marvelous pieces can and should always be on display. Below, we?ve curated a list of some of the latest diamond trends to kickstart your journey toward luxurious living.

Hoop, There It Is

We love diamond earrings because they pair well with any outfit. They can adorn the attire of your day functions while transitioning into remarkable night pieces for evening events. Also, you?ll rarely worry about your options going stale as there are many styles to choose from.

The way light bends as it follows the curve of a diamond-encrusted hoop is magnificent. Wearing your hair up allows your hoops to accentuate your neckline and really shine. These earrings come in many styles, from outlandishly bold to delicate and diminutive. Never underestimate the expressive power and range of hoop earrings.

These Signature Inside Out Hoops feature 18k white gold and pave-set diamonds. These earrings are luminous, lighting up your whole countenance.

You Deserve a Hug

Huggies are a type of hoop earrings featuring a more seamless design. They're smaller and hang tight upon your earlobe. Huggies can be even more casual than hoops if you're feeling a laid-back look. But they can also match hoops in elegance and be striking additions to evening outfits and formal wear, especially when encrusted with diamonds like these Shy Creation Kate Earrings.

Look at that Stud

Elegance and refinement shine through when you don a pair of diamond studs. These are an excellent stand-alone option, but they also make a perfect addition to your stack, allowing you to accentuate your look with different sizes and degrees of radiance.

Diamond studs are a vision of concentrated elegance--so much glimmer emitting from a single point. These Henri Daussi Earrings will have you glistening by day and shimmering by night.

Brilliant Bangles

Diamond bangles offer an array of styles to choose from. They can be worn alone or stacked for extra brilliance. Either way, a diamond-studded bangle will enhance the allure of your evening attire while also remaining fashionable as a daytime accessory.

Subtly is the secret to a diamond bangle?s elegance. These pieces are versatile and can be added to several different looks without drawing too much attention away from the outfit. This Roberto Coin Bracelet features 18k white gold and a hinged clasp for convenient fastening. Pave-set diamonds encircle the bracelet representing never-ending refulgence.

Captivate Your Collarbone

A diamond necklace is a sublime creation of superior craftsmanship and elegance. They add an exceptional luster to your outfit that's impossible to ignore. A diamond necklace is an undeniable staple in any woman's jewelry collection.

Bar diamond necklaces have become a recent favorite of celebrities. That's because you can wear them while running down a list of errands or running up a tab at the cocktail bar. This bar diamond Shy Creation Kate Necklace features an iconic and mesmerizing design.

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