Best Fashion Jewelry Gifts for Father's Day

May 5th, 2022

This Father’s Day, take some time off from your busy life and spend it with your favorite dad. Take a trip to a restaurant, watch a movie, or finish a puzzle together. It can be hard to express how much you care about your dad and appreciate all they do for the family. An exemplary way is through fashion jewelry. Our experts at BENARI JEWELERS have chosen a few of our favorite options for the amazing fathers in our lives this year.

Bold and Expressive Bracelets

While subtlety is a common trait amongst men’s bracelets, that is not the rule. Many designers take a more daring approach, featuring masculine imagery and motifs like dragons, snakes, and more. This can add intrigue to an otherwise neutral outfit, as well as allow the wearer to express his masculinity and bold personality.

John Hardy is a preeminent designer of men’s jewelry that is legendary for their unique and eccentric designs. This Legends Naga bracelet depicts a water dragon curled into a circle. Made of 18k gold and sterling silver, it is a truly exquisite piece. In its eyes are stunning blue sapphires, making this a show-stopping piece.

Classic Chains

Chains are the most iconic of men’s jewelry. While most necklaces have chains, these distinguish themselves through their intricate metalwork. Their minimalist and slender silhouettes make them an instant staple, as they accentuate any ensemble without making too much of a statement. Chains can be worn as necklaces and bracelets with any outfit or situation. Due to their versatility, they make for a perfect gift, as he will always be reminded of your love and care every time he puts it on.

Chains like this sterling silver chain bracelet are some of the most beloved of this style. Spectacular and marvelous, it is a fantastic gift option. A close look reveals some exquisite metalwork with chic details.

Ring and Bling

While not all men wear fashion rings, they are excellent additions to any fashion enthusiast’s collection. They portray a daring and bold aesthetic. Like much of men’s jewelry, rings distinguish themselves through simplistic beauty and accentuating style. That is not always the case, with many pieces evoking an image of regality and passion. Some pieces use materials like titanium and brass for a stronger, more masculine aesthetic while others favor traditional jewelry materials.

This sterling silver and garnet fashion ring is made by Tacori, a designer known for their sophisticated and nature-inspired designs. It has a modern edge with soft curved edges, as well as mother of pearl accents on the band. With its radiant red garnet, this ring exudes class and style.

Find Unforgettable Fashion Jewelry Gifts for Father’s Day at BENARI JEWELERS

At BENARI JEWELERS, we staff our showrooms with the most knowledgeable and best-trained people in our Pennsylvania communities. With a highly diverse skill set, they can help guide you through the gift selection process to ensure that your dad’s Father’s Day is better than ever. Our boundless selection of jewelry and timepiece designers guarantees it. We also offer our own in-house line of women’s jewelry and accessories as well. Call our Newton Square showroom at (610) 355-1800 and our Exton location at (610) 363-8450 to learn more about us and our offerings.

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