A Fine Jewelry Gift Guide to Major Wedding Anniversaries

March 14th, 2018

An important part of any marriage, wedding anniversaries are a great time to show your special someone just how much you care about them.

For years tradition has dictated that the gift for each anniversary be something surrounding a general theme, for example some couples celebrate the first year with a gift made of paper, the 10 th with tin or aluminum, the 35th with coral, and the list goes on. While there's no arguing that these traditions aren't charming, fun, and romantic, at BENARI JEWELERS we prefer to give the gift of fine jewelry.

So to help you find that ideal present for your sweetie, here are some fabulous items from BENARI JEWELERS perfect for any major wedding anniversary!

1st Anniversary: Yellow Gold!

Still coming down from the early excitement of married life, your first wedding anniversary is widely considered the gold standard to which all future celebrations will be compared against. The first anniversary is usually celebrated with a piece of yellow gold jewelry.

While it may be tempting to go over-the-top for this first anniversary, we strongly suggest that couples go for something simple, easy-to-wear, and that will nicely complement your year-old wedding bands.

Hearts on Fire and Marco Bicego at BENARI JEWELERS

For example, these bracelets from Hearts on Fire and Marco Bicego are a wonderful way to add a dash of glittering gold sparkle to your new bride's ensembles without overpowering her beautiful wedding band. Similarly, gold cufflinks - such as these pairs by TACORI - make simple and useful gifts that any groom is sure to wear an appreciate.

Men's Gold Cufflinks

5th Anniversary: Sapphires!

Available at BENARI JEWELERS in deep blue and bold black colors, fine jewelry featuring sapphire stones are the suggested gift for the all-important fifth wedding anniversary. Five years after you said ?I do?, the fifth anniversary gift should be something from the heart that you believe perfect encapsulates your partner?s personality and individuality.

John Hardy Sapphire Earrings

Our first sapphire suggestion are these blue sapphire, black sapphire, and white diamond earrings from John Hardy. Inspired by the people and landscape of Bali, these sapphire earrings can be found in an array of options that are every bit as unique and one-of-a-kind as your bride.

IWC Portofino Men's Timepieces

10th Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry

A significant milestone for any couple, the tenth anniversary is marked by giving the gift of brilliant diamond jewelry. Typically at BENARI JEWELERS we suggest that our customers take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime moment to find a 'diamond anniversary band' to add to their already perfect bridal jewelry.

ArtCarved and A Jaffe eternity diamond wedding bands

Romantic and significant, for your tenth anniversary we suggest exploring the wide selection of eternity style diamond wedding bands on display today in either of our Exton or Newtown Square showrooms. Featuring a line of securely-placed diamonds that stretch across the whole of the rings, eternity style bands, like the men's and women's models pictured above from A. Jaffe and ArtCarved, are a glamorous and sentiment-filled way to celebrate you and your partner's everlasting love and commitment to each other.

25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee!

After a quarter of a century together, the 25 th anniversary is your time to shine with the gift of sparkling silver fine jewelry. Versatile and easy to keep stunning, jewelry and watches made with sterling silver (or silver-colored metals like platinum) are a long-lasting way to pay loving homage to your marriage vows.

A Jaffe, TACORI, and Shy Creation silver jewelry

Shining, sophisticated, and stunning, diamond-dripping silver-colored necklaces make exquisite gifts that not soon to be forgotten. Shown above by A. Jaffe, TACORI, and Shy Creation, these silver necklaces bring a blinding level of classic sparkle that is not soon to be forgotten.

TACORI men's rings

On the other hand, a confident and handsome men's fashion ring is a great gift for the man who already has everything. From TACORI's Monterey Roadster and Legend collections, these rings are made with uniquely finished sterling silver 925 for a timeless and classic feel.

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee!

A truly impressive accomplishment, 50 th wedding anniversaries are a time to gather your friends and family to memorialize half a century of happy marriage. Known as the Golden Jubilee, it is customary for couples to, similar to how they did on their first anniversary, to give a gift of shining gold.

Yellow Gold Diamond Rings

Crafted to fit center diamonds of 2-carats or larger, the 18-karat yellow gold engagement rings of the TACORI RoyalT collection are immaculate and luminous ways to honor your lifelong queen. Available featuring round, princess, emerald, oval, and pear shape diamonds, a RoyalT engagement ring is an heirloom quality piece of infinite sparkle and shine.

IWC Portugeiser Watch

Our final gift suggestion, are these two 18-karat red gold men's watches, also by the Swiss-based master watchmakers of IWC Schaffhausen. From the legendary Portugieser collection, the Tourbillon Hand-Wound (on the left) and the Minute Repeater (on the right) are both gold-forward timepieces that perfectly encapsulate your husband's unique style and dependability.

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