2021 Winter Jewelry Trends We Love

November 20th, 2021

Fashion cycles us through the year. Every accessory has its particular season to truly shine, and it’s time to stow your summer looks for a few months in favor of the latest 2021 winter jewelry trends. At BENARI JEWELERS, we’re passionate about helping style-minded shoppers find fashion-forward pieces sure to bring a smile to their lips and inspire envy in everyone who sees them. Keep reading to discover these fun and fresh styles for the holidays and beyond.

Choker Regeneration

Popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, chokers are back in a big way for 2021. However, today’s fashionistas are increasingly opting for bolder looks. Pretty and youthful, this stunning choker is dripping with colorful gems. Want the option of a subtler choker look? You can tuck this piece under your shirt collar so that it just peeks out.

Pendant Necklaces for All

We love the summer trend of layering chain necklaces, but in the winter they can be a hassle with all the extra layers you will be donning. A singular, elegant pendant necklace is a great, on-trend alternative. Part of Benari’s special Signature Collection, this initial necklace features a circle pendant with diamonds and mother of pearl. Unsure what letter to choose? If you don’t want to go with your own first initial, choose one to represent a spouse, child, or even a beloved pet.

Statements Earrings to be Heard

Just as necklaces are going big for winter, stylish shoppers are opting for face-framing earrings that are guaranteed to catch the eye. Glimmering and dramatic, statement earrings elevate even the most standard of skirt suits or cocktail dresses into something unforgettable. Seeking a youthful look that makes your eyes shine? Consider these sparkling feather drop earrings courtesy of Shy Creation.

Flashy Rings, Big Dreams

The “bigger is better” trend applies to rings as well. While you might not be shaking hands as much these days, you can still call attention to your hands with a bold and chunky statement ring. A great way to introduce yourself, a chunky ring will be an incredible eye-catcher. Choose one or two large, well-fitting rings rather than lots of small stackable rings because, as the weather grows colder, you may find that your rings have the tendency to slip off. Consider this yellow gold Ivy Lane design by Tacori for a look that’s at once strong and elegant.

Find the Best 2021 Winter Jewelry Trends at BENARI JEWELERS

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