2020 Engagement Ring Trends

January 15th, 2020

2020 Engagement Ring Trends

When you?re searching for the ideal look for a 2020 engagement, what is it you?ll want to look for? The question is maybe a little broader—but a little easier—than you imagined. If you?re on the hunt for the engagement ring with the aesthetic that will reflect the year of your engagement for generations to come, there are four big jewelry features that we here at BENARI JEWELERS have prognosticated from the aesthetic trends that have been popular in the 2010s and are set to ring in the second decade of our century. If you?re looking for a symbol of the year, keep reading to get some fantastic ideas!

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold never quite went out of fashion—it?s the natural color of gold, after all! But while white gold has recently become the ideal ?blank palate? to show off diamonds and gemstones, and rose gold really boomed into popularity near the tail end of the 2010s, yellow gold has been out of the spotlight for about a decade. But when you?re searching for a gold engagement ring that will be the big thing for 2020, keep your eyes open for a bright yellow engagement ring that will lend its sunny color to your look!

Unexpected Shapes

One of the big features of the 2010s was the unique piece of jewelry. The DIY aesthetic has been predominant for years now, and when 2020 rolls around, we at BENARI JEWELERS suggest that the unique trend that women are going to be hunting for is unique shapes. This doesn?t necessarily mean uniquely-shaped stones in your diamond engagement ring exclusively, but also includes wildly unusual filigrees and settings (such as tension settings and burnished stones). If you?re in the market for something really unique, you may prefer something with some unusual side stones—half-moon cuts, maybe?

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Asscher Cut Diamonds

Continuing from the category of ?unexpected shapes,? 2020 is going to see a big boom of Asscher-cut diamonds. The Asscher-cut diamond was first masterminded in the beginning of the 20th century and characterized the Art Nouveau and Deco periods. Vintage excellence has been a big thing recently, and we foresee a renewal of Asscher-cut diamonds in particular. While Asscher cuts sacrifice some of the brilliance of diamonds, they benefit from a unique ?windmill? pattern of black and white areas inside of the square-shaped stone. If you?re looking for an alternative to the princess-cut diamond, check out the Asscher cut.


The trend toward yellow jewelry fits comfortably into a larger trend towards brilliant color in engagement rings. If you?re partial toward ringing in 2020 with a flash of rainbow color, check out the collections offered here at BENARI JEWELERS. An ideal way to express color is through halo engagement rings: Designed specifically to showcase gemstones around a central diamond, if you?re looking for sapphires, pink and yellow diamonds, or other gemstones, we suggest the designer pieces we showcase!

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If you?re interested in learning more about the looks that are ideal for the 2020 engagement, don?t hesitate to get in touch with BENARI JEWELERS and make us your local jewelry store: 610-363-8450 for Exton, Pennsylvania; and 610-355-1800 for Newtown Square, Pennsylvania!