Why Choose Natural Cut Diamonds?

Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds have the distinction of being one of the oldest and most sought-after items on the planet. It takes millions of years to create a single diamond through a combination of geological pressure and extreme temperatures deep within the Earth, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Volcanic activity throughout the years brings these marvels closer to the surface where they are laboriously mined and extracted from volcanic rock. They are the hardest known natural stones found on Earth and that, along with their incredible brilliance, rarity, and the labor-intensive process to retrieve them, makes diamonds the principal precious stone available to consumers today.

Natural vs Lab-Created

Natural diamonds are becoming increasingly scarce and difficult to mine, which drives up the price for consumers. These factors have prompted science to develop another option: lab-created diamonds. First created in 1954, these gems are chemically, physically, and visually identical to their naturally occurring counterparts but come without the financial or human cost of naturally mined stones. They are as brilliant and dazzling as any diamond found in nature, ensuring that jewelry, especially engagement rings, created with lab-grown diamonds are stunning and elegant. This gives consumers plenty of options for aesthetics and price that will work with any budget.

Why Choose a Natural Stone?

With all the benefits of a lab-created stone, there is nothing that can take the place of wearing a natural diamond. Each naturally grown diamond has spent billions of years being perfected by nature and there is only a limited number available on the planet, giving them a rarity and scarcity that drives up their desirability. As a naturally occurring phenomenon, each and every stone is truly unique, which further enhances their value as rare and priceless stones. As an investment option, natural diamonds are always a smart choice as they retain their resale value, unlike lab-created diamonds that tend to lose value.

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For more than fifty years BENARI JEWELERS has been providing the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley areas with exemplary service and jewelry, timepieces, and loose diamonds of exemplary quality. Our Exton and Newtown Square showrooms are staffed with knowledgeable sales associates who are honored to introduce you to the magic of natural diamonds and make expert recommendations for your next purchase. Whether you are shopping locally or from a nearby community like Bryn Malvern, Coatesville, or Springfield, our convenient locations will make your shopping experience a breeze. Schedule a visit with one of our experts today by contacting us at (866)363-0808 or visiting our website.

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