Watch Terms to Know


Introduction to Watch Terms

During its history, the watch has been the recipient of constant additions, improvements, and complications. Most of these have advanced the capability of watches while remaining aesthetically invigorated. After all of these innovations, it can be hard to keep track of which watch terms to know before making a luxury watch purchase. The first choice to consider is the watch’s movement, or its caliber, the component at the heart of the watch, keeping time. Movements can be entirely mechanical, whether they be automatic (using kinetic energy) or hand-wound. However, another option is a quartz movement, which is powered by a battery.

Popular Watch Terms to Know

Of course, all of this incredible machinery must be protected by something, and the stylish, protective body of a watch is called its casing. Typically, a watch case allows access to the movement for repair work. Atop the casing is a small knob called the crown that can be used to adjust time or, if the watch in question is manual, will keep the watch wound. The face, also called the dial, consists of numerals that display the time and hands that move around the clock. The clear glass or acrylic dome referred to as the crystal is held in place by the bezel, a round structure that is either stationary or can be rotated for precise measurements.

Far from its comparatively simplistic origins, many manufacturers now include a diverse range of complications for contemporary watches. A complication is just a fancy term for a feature or a function the watch can perform beyond the act of simple timekeeping. The stopwatch is the most common and widespread of these functions, (also known as a chronograph), and they can be either quartz-driven or mechanical. However, other complications include but are not limited to day, date, calendars, and moon phase indicators. Another popular complication is a rotating bezel designed to keep time while one dives, when precision time measurement can literally be the difference between life and death. 


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