Tips to Find the Right Ring Size


Tips on Finding Her Ring Size

After exploring a wide selection of engagement rings, searching for the perfect style, the only thing stopping you from making a purchase is determining the ring size. While figuring out your partner’s exact ring size may seem like a daunting task, it can be as simple as bringing her into your local jewelry retailer. Seasoned jewelers will be able to offer professional advice on finding her perfect fit. However, for those who prefer a surprise proposal, there are a few go-to methods to secretly find her ring size.


Other Ways to Secretly Find Her Ring Size

  1. The easiest, and likely quickest way to get that magic number is to ask friends and family. Close girlfriends or relatives will either already know her size, or can sneakily get it out of her.

  2. A borrowed ring can easily be measured, but only if she won’t notice it missing. Plus, you’ll need to make sure it fits her ring finger. If this is a tricky task, opt for tracing the ring onto a sheet of paper and present this to your local jeweler. 

  3. Make finding her ring size a fun outing! To be discrete, take the weekend to visit an open market or thrift shop. Have a good time trying on fashion jewelry pieces, and make sure the ring she tries on fits the third finger. Once you’ve found a ring that fits, you can just read the size off the tag or box.

  4. When all else fails, asking her might be best. Besides, planning the ideal scenario for popping the question can still be a surprise, as well as finding the perfect ring design. Head out to your local jeweler together where professionals can easily take her measurements. 

  5. If you are adamant about keeping it a surprise, a professional jeweler will give you recommendations for average ring sizes. When in doubt, sizing up will offer added protection. You can always bring the ring back to be resized to fit comfortably, as long as it's not a custom style.

Ask the Experts at BENARI JEWELERS

With Locations in Exton and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, BENARI JEWELERS is the premier jeweler of the Delaware Valley and Philadelphia region. Stop by one of our locations, where our expert jewelers are happy to assist in finding the right size for her forever ring, or give us a call at (866) 363-0808.

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