Necklace Style Guide

BENARI JEWELERS Necklace Style Guide

Necklaces are powerful accessories that highlight the neckline when paired well with clothing. Time and place play a large role in what necklace may be best suited for certain outfits. Bolder necklace styles may fit better for a night out as compared to the more subtle styles suited for a day in the office. With the right understanding of the range of necklace styles, a woman can truly transform her outfit while expressing her personality in a refined manner. Our necklace guide will explain the different necklaces available and how to style them.

Solitaire Necklaces

Solitaire necklaces are the most elegant example of less is more. In this style, a single brilliant stone is centered on a chain, drawing focus to the breathtaking diamond or colorful gemstone. It is the stone itself that sets the necklace apart from others, and the look can vary widely based on size and carat, or even feature brighter toned gemstones in place of a diamond. Solitaire necklaces portray class and pristine beauty and effortlessly add sparkle to your outfit.

Station Necklaces

Station necklaces showcase multiple diamonds placed symmetrically across a chain. This style can be more versatile than a solitaire necklace and can be worn in more casual settings to add modern flair to your look. The stones featured in the stations can dramatically change the appearance of the necklace, whether you prefer the vibrant colors of gemstones or the refined elegance of pearls. Station necklaces are a must-have in a contemporary jewelry box.

Chain Necklaces

To make a subtle fashion statement without the distraction of diamonds, wear a chain necklace in gold or sterling silver. Although this style consists only of the chain, the styles vary widely. The links are often intricately transformed into unique designs, such as snake or paperclip chains. Many necklaces showcase additional attachments, from lockets to pendants and amulets. The length of the chain can be adjusted as well which alters the aesthetic of the necklace. Take into consideration your height as well as the depth of your outfit’s neckline that the necklace will be worn with.

Lariat Necklaces

Striking straight lines characterize lariat necklaces that form a Y-shape that accentuates the collarbone. Threading one end of the necklace through a loop secures it without the need for a clasp. This style has always been perceived as the epitome of high fashion and has been highly favored for its distinct transformation of one’s look. Lariat necklaces can emphasize other necklace styles as a layered style and can even be worn backward for an adventurous style. Lariat necklaces are the perfect addition to your collection if you are looking for more of an edge.

Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces lie flat when worn and evenly distribute glittering gems across the collarbone. These necklaces run parallel to the shirt, causing it to match with the rest of your style effortlessly. A collar necklace works best when it contrasts what you are wearing, so consider wearing a collar necklace when you want to draw attention to your chest area. These necklaces are incredibly alluring, paying homage to the regal women of ancient Egypt who wore this style.

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