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Evolution of Watch Technology

Evolution of Watch Technology

Timepieces are beautiful and complex accessories. It is only through the ingenuity of experts and artists that watches became the functional yet fashionable devices that they are today. From the timepiece’s humble beginnings as a pendant to its current status as a technological marvel, much has gone into the development of these incredible machines. Learn the history of these devices to fully appreciate the present with BENARI JEWELERS.

Clock Watches

The first portable time-telling devices were pendants. Called clock watches, they were invented by German locksmith Peter Henlein in 1505. Clock watches are brass spheres that open up like a locket to display a watch dial. Initially, they were given to the aristocracy as a novelty. Clock watches’ potential as a time-telling device had yet to be fulfilled, as they were inaccurate by hours and had to be frequently wound.

Pocket Watches

The first pocket watch was crafted not long after the first clock watch, but it didn’t become a must-have accessory until the 17th century. King Charles II introduced the waistcoat, which then became popular in men’s fashion. These timepieces that fit right into the pockets of outerwear had alarms, chimes, and other functions. Still, they were not very precise until the introduction of the balance spring in 1657. The balance spring transformed these novelty portable clocks into reliable time-keeping devices, shorting their inaccuracy from hours to minutes. While pocket watches are currently “obsolete,” many still appreciate their artistry.


The first wristwatch was probably a pocket watch fastened to the sleeve, but the original official wristwatch was given to the Queen of Naples in 1810 by Abraham-Louis Breguet of the eponymous brand. Wristwatches were first marketed for women as a bracelet. They became popular among men during the late 19th century during the various colonial wars by Great Britain. Wristwatches were used to coordinate military tactics. As soldiers went home, they took these accessories with them, and they became a fashion mainstay ever since.

Quartz Movement

Quartz movement differentiates itself from its mechanical predecessors by being battery-powered. It is more precise than its counterparts, as well as more reliable and cost-effective. Today, it is the dominant power source for timepieces; although some still prefer mechanical pieces for their artistry and complexity. This movement was first developed by the Japanese brand Seiko. It was introduced in 1964 in conjunction with the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

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