Engagement Ring Glossary Terms


Engagement Ring Glossary Terms

Designed to be cherished for years to come, finding the perfect engagement ring can feel like a daunting task. While navigating your way through an endless array of styles, you may find yourself with more questions than you began with. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of all the terms you need to know to discover the ideal ring with every detail you’re looking for.

Center Stone: The highlight of the engagement ring, the center stone is the largest diamond placed in the center of the ring. While commonly featuring a diamond, the center stone of every engagement ring can house any precious gemstone.

Diamond Cuts: Referring to the shape of the diamond, each cut exhibits its own appeal. A popular choice for those seeking maximum brilliance is the round cut diamond, while other “fancy shapes” offer a unique feel. These elaborate shapes include emerald, pear, oval, cushion, and princess cut.

Side Stones/Accent Stones: Set to enhance the center diamond, side stones can be found in varying shapes and are smaller in size. Set within ornate designs, side stones draw attention to an engagement ring with stones embellished across the shank. 

Setting or Mounting: The entire ring, with the exception of the center stone, is known as the setting or mounting. Not to be confused with diamond settings, a ring setting can be found in various silhouettes. Including solitaire, halo, and three stone engagement rings

Diamond Settings: Diamond settings refer to the way the metal is crafted to hold accent stones in place. Each setting technique creates a different look with a unique set of benefits like stone security and light reflection. Popular diamond settings include bezel, channel, prong, and pavé. 

Halo: A truly beautiful design, the halo ring is characterized by a circular row of diamonds surrounding the center stone. A halo gives the illusion of a larger carat weight and offers additional sparkle. Currently trending, hidden halos, also called under halos, consist of a diamond wrap beneath the center stone. 

Head: The head, or crown, houses the center stone and includes the prongs. When enhanced with an intricate design element, the head may be referred to as the basket, which provides added stability and support for the center stone.

Shank: The shank refers to the band wrapped around the finger, designed to ensure the ring sits perfectly without rotating. Other than its practical features, shanks are found in an assortment of designs. Options include intertwined or split shanks, and multi-band rings amongst others. To further customize the shank, include an engraved message on the inner side as a loving touch. 

Shoulder: Connecting the head to the shank, the shoulders of the ring include the two upper portions on either side of the head. To accommodate numerous styles, intricate metalwork is used to create split, twisted, tapered, or augmented features.

Gallery: Displayed directly below the center stone, the gallery is the space above the bridge. Primarily viewable from the ring’s side profile, the space can be used to further personalize your ring with delicate filigree designs or twisting scrollwork and additional precious stones.  

Bridge: Below the gallery is the bridge, where a band connects the shank and meets the shoulders. This area can be adorned with accent stones, milgrain beading, or left alone for a minimalist feel.

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